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Mario Molina: Who are you? What did Mario Molina discover? Google Doodle celebrates Mario Molina’s birthday. Google Doodle celebrates Mario Molina’s birthday, the Mexican Nobel Laureate who saved the ozone layer. You might be interested in learning more about Mario Molina’s contribution to the nation. To learn more about science and the environmental impact of Mario Molina, visit Mario Molina Reddit.

Mario Molina – Birthday Celebration

Google Doodle celebrates the birth of Mario Molina. He is a well-known Mexican scientist who made groundbreaking contributions. His contributions to the fields of remarkable chemistry and ecological conservation were significant.

Mario Molina received the Nobel Prize in 1995 for his atmospheric chemistry work on the ozone layer. Google Doodle honored his birthday on March 19, 1995. It’s his 80th birthday. Google Doodle is dedicated to Mario Molina’s contributions to chemical science, environmental protection and the legacy of his family.

Mario Molina Wikipedia

Mario Molina, a Mexican chemist, was born March 19, 1943. His scientific contributions helped raise awareness about the dangers of air pollution and the importance of protecting the environment.

His remarkable work was recognized and he received the Nobel Prize for Chemical Science of Atmospheric Chemistry and the Ozone Layer. Mario Molina, a leading chemist, was able to show how chemicals can damage the Earth’s ozone layer. He also raised awareness about protecting humans, animals, and other resources against harmful ultraviolet light rays. Google Doodle celebrates this Mexican chemist and Nobel winner who saved the ozone layer.

Molina Wikipedia Deutsch

Mario Molina, a Mexican chemist, played a crucial role in the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole. He was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for identifying the danger to the Ozone layer. This means that Earth’s ozone layer has been destroyed by chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gasses. He was honored with the Noble price for his extraordinary work and awareness. Mario Molina, a Mexican scientist, was the first to be awarded a Nobel Chemistry Prize.

Mario Molina’s Biography

Mario Molina dreamed of teaching and conducting research at different universities. His research began at the University of California. He also did research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Center for Atmospheric Sciences. Mario Molina was the Mario Molina Centre for Energy and Environment Director in Mexico City. He is also an environmental policy advisor for Enrique Pena Nieto (President of Mexico).

Mario Molina’s Death

Mario Molina, who suffered a heart attack on October 7, 2020, died. Mario Molina’s passing was announced by the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Mario Molina’s Personal life

In July 1973, Mario Molina married chemist Luisa Y. Tan. They met at the University of California, Berkeley (,_Berkeley), when Molina pursued his Ph.D. Then the couple separated in 2005.


Google Doodle honored Mario Molina, a great Mexican scientist, on March 19, 2009. You can find out more about Mario Molina and his awareness of environmental pollution by clicking this link.

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