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Are you aware about the Bulacan Mayor’s Accident? Stay connected with us to find out all details about the tragic accident that occurred with Bulacan’s mayor. The news channels Philippines resoundingly report on the death of Bulacan mayor. This tragedy was heartbreaking. To learn more about Marilao Mayor accident, please read the article.

Summary of Mayor Ricardo Silvestre’s Car Crash

Bulacan Mayor Ricardo Silvestre was killed in a car accident on Sunday, October 9, at 65. Rodel Acantara, his secretary and driver of a white Toyota Land Cruiser were among the victims in an accident on the road. His driver drove the car. His car was involved in the collision at Clark Freeport.

According to reports the vehicle crashed into an electrical pole and then moved leftward. The accident proved so dangerous that the electrical wire was removed from its original spot and the front portion of the SUV was severely broken.

Mayor Marilao Bulacan

The accident took place at Subic Clark Tarlac Exit (SCTEX), where the driver was accompanied by his secretary at time of accident. According to the authorities the driver could have fallen asleep at the time the car crashed. Ricardo Silvestre was pronounced dead at the Medical City Clark. His daughter confirmed his news. The accident left the driver and his secretary with serious injuries. They are both safe now.

The Bulacan Government’s Daniel Fernando is deeply grieved by the death of Silvestre. The post contains more information on Marilao Bulacan Vicar.

A road can be dangerous. There are hundreds of fatalities every year due to accidents on the roads. As such, it is important that drivers drive safely. However, there are still people who lose their lives due to the negligence of another driver. It is important to be careful and slow.


Bulacan Mayor Ricardo Silvestre, along with his secretary, was involved in an accident on Sunday October 9, where Silvestre tragically lost his life. The driver could have fallen asleep on the road, according to authorities. To read more about Bulacan crashes, click here

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