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This research on Luz Gonzalez Video Reddit will keep readers up to date on the 2018 accident of Luz Gonzalez

Are you still a victim of the horrible accident that Luz Gonzalez caused? What happened? Many are searching for photos and videos to document the tragic death of this young girl. Luz Gonzalez Video Reddit shows the heartbreaking story of a young girl who was trapped in a car, and was later declared dead. Stay in touch to get all the details about this American incident.

Trending Video of Luz Gonzalez

According to online sources, an SUV car struck a young girl aged four years old. The driver did not know anything about the girl. The accident resulted in the tragic death of the girl’s mother and severe injuries to her mother. This incident is currently trending on Reddit. People are looking for more information about the accident.

Luz Gonzalez Accident Video: Learn All Updates!

According to reports, Jeanette Maria was driving her SUV in the Bushwick Laundromat parking lot and had hit and killed a young girl walking on the Brooklyn sidewalk with her mother. The hit-and-run case was brought against her. Two years later, the public demanded that she be arrested. According to reports, it was enough to charge her because the video clearly shows the extent of the injuries she inflicted on the child. On many social media platforms, such as Instagram, the video of the accident is popular. People are looking for the video and all the details about the accident.

The Family Condition!

After losing their happiness, the family of a young girl was devastated and broke. According to reports, Reyna, the mother of the child, was seen tying Luz’s shoes while the driver (38 years old) had crushed the little girl. Twitter has some tweets that provide the full facts about this viral video.

Did people raise their voice?

According to online sources, many people spoke out for the justice of this young girl. After the accident in 2018 occurred, and two years later in 2020, no harsh penalties were imposed on her, many people demanded justice. The court charged her with hit-and-run as the video proved her guilt. You can find this video on Youtube as well as other channels.


We have included valuable information about the accident that led to Luz Gonzalez’s death in this summary. This update was covered by most news networks, and it was one of Brooklyn’s most tragic accidents.

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