Livetopia New Update | Get Details Here!

Livetopia update: Livetopia was created by Roblox group Century Makers in April 2021. It is very similar to Roblox’s other role-playing game. Livetopia’s latest update is a curiosity to many fans. Livetopia’s latest update, Livetopia’s Secret Update, Twitter, and many other details can be found in the article.

Livetopia Update

Livetopia: All-New Topia Mall! Update 89

We are pleased to announce this week that Topia Mall has undergone extensive renovations! It is now ready for its GRAND OPENING

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A brand new Food Court has been added to the mall. It offers all the same items you would find in a local mall. You can enjoy Chinese food and pizza! You can find it all!

New Electronics Shop! You can now buy the latest gadgets from us! Do you need a new phone? You can find it all!

A new luxury jewelry shop has been added to our site! You can shop for gold and silver jewelry, no matter what your preference is. You can also create custom jewelry for your loved one! It’s perfect!

As part of the mall’s new additions, enjoy the first floor. Keep checking back for more information about the rest of the mall!

We have more secrets to share! Livetopia has more to offer! !

Enjoy! !

Have a look at this sneak peak and be prepared for the live update on Friday!

Enjoy the update on Friday and enjoy your life as you wish!

Livetopia Secret Update

Secret 1Inside floor in Police Station
Secret 2Green Arrow at Topia Plaza
Secret 3In White Door at Burger Shop In Mall
Secret 4Cave in Meals in a Minute
Secret 5The Bunker in Cave

Livetopia Twitter

LivetopiaGame is the official Twitter account of the game. It had posted almost 3082 tweets. It also tweeted about the latest update. Update 89 focused on new shoes and shops in a mall. Take a look below at the tweet.

Livetopia Wiki

The Century Makers established the eastern Robloxian city state of Livetopia in May 1892 to serve as a metropolitanpolis. Livetopia has been called “Lovetopia”, “Topia Town”, “Topia City”, or “Topia City” by its governors. Despite its moniker, Livetopia’s date rate is decreasing. There have been rumors and arguments about whether Livetopian design was based on Brookhaven architecture. It is believed that Brookhaven is more beautiful than Livetopian. Although the conspiracy theory is generally true, the building was later altered. It is the county seat of Ariel County. Livetopia is bordered by Misty Forest, a town that resembles a forest. Mount Crescent can be found sixty miles beyond Misty Forest.

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