Kriss Akabusi Married | Check Who is Kriss Akabusi? 

Kriss Akabusi is married: Kriss changed his name from Kezie Urchukwu Duru Akabusi to Kriss after enlisting in army. Kriss Akabusi, his German wife Monika, gave birth to two stunning children. The article below will provide more information about Kriss Akabusi’s marriage. x

Kriss Akabusi: Who Are You?

Kezie Uchechukwu Duru Akabusi (also known as Kriss Akabusi) is a former hurdler and sprinter from the United Kingdom. His first international success was achieved with the British 4×400-meter relay group. He won silver in the 1984 Summer Olympics and gold at the European Athletics Championships and the 1986 Commonwealth Games. In 1987, he also took home silver at the World Championships in Athletics. He excelled in the 400-meter hurdles from the late 1980s to the present. He won bronze at the 1989 IAAF World Cup. To win the 1990 European Athletics Championships, he set a British record of 47.93 seconds. He won gold at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

Is Kriss Akabusi Married?

Kriss seems to keep his private life hidden from the public, but he has given some insight into his past in interviews. Kriss spoke with the British Heart Foundation about his previous marriage. Two of his children from his previous marriage to his ex-wife were his daughters, and they are now adults. He mentioned that he had a son from a previous relationship and a girl. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to have his family.

Kriss Akabusi Wiki

After Akabusi’s parents, Nigerian immigrant students in London, left Akabusi at four years of age, Akabusi and Riba were placed in foster care. While Akabusi would be reunited with the mother he grew up with, when he was in his teens he couldn’t communicate with his parents because of the start of the Nigerian Civil War. She insisted that her son move to Nigeria. He remained in the United Kingdom despite his desire to reconnect with family. He only visited Nigeria when he turned twenty-one. He was a student at Edmonton County School.

What is Kriss Akabusi’s Age?

According to Kriss Akabusi’s bio, he is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. Age is a major consideration when deciding what goals one wants to pursue. Kriss Akabusi’s ages may be something you are interested in. Everybody claims that age is just an average number. There is always time for a new start. Akubusi Kriss was conceived on November 28, 1958. He is currently 64 years old.

Kriss Akabusi’s wife?

Many celebrities are loved by fans in many industries, such as the film industry, modeling, and sports. Kriss Akabusi’s fans are looking for his wife. We could also see searches for Kriss’ wife. Fans who are interested in knowing more about Kriss Akabusi’s height and age will find this article helpful. Kriss Akabusi’s professional achievements are highly regarded. Kriss Akabusi’s fans are eager to know if he is currently dating or if his wife is. According to sources, Kriss Akabusi has never married.

Kriss Akabusi’s daughter?

Kriss’ daughter Shakira Akabusi is the founder of StrongLikeMum. Shakira Akabusi, mother to Rio, Ezra and the twins Asher, is passionate about helping women develop self-confidence and positivity before, during and after pregnancy. Shakira’s mission is to dispel parenting myths, particularly those related to body image or mental health. She also wants to inspire women to have healthy families. A five-year veteran of live theatre, she is comfortable hosting large gatherings and effectively communicates with a wide audience via social media. She combines her knowledge of pregnancy and postnatal fitness with personal parenting experiences.

What is Kriss Akabusi’s net worth?

According to his bio Kriss Akabusi stands 6’1″ tall. As Kriss Akabusi’s fame has grown, we can see his estimated net worth here. His net worth is between $5 million and $10 million. Akabusi earned approximately PS100,000. in endorsements, business deals and prize money during his first season. After he quit competing as an athlete, he began earning money through Grand Prix Circuit of Athletics.

Family of Kriss Akai

Kriss is a father to four children, Ashanti, Shakira and Alanna. He was born to Nigerian parents in London in 1958. He currently lives in Bedfordshire where you will find him playing golf at Woburn Country Club and cheering West Ham United on passionately. Kriss also founded and was the chairman of The Akabusi Charitable Trust.

Biography Of Kriss Akabusi

We have provided his biography to help you get to know Kriss Akabusi. Kriss Akabusi is currently 64 years of age. He was born November 28, 1958. He is a British professional and British citizen. Because of his popularity and career growth, Kriss Akabusi is a well-known figure. Let’s take a quick look at the table below which contains information about Kriss Abusi’s personal life.

NameKriss Akabusi
ProfessionBritish athlete
Date of birth28 November 1958
Age64 years old
BirthplacePaddington, London, United Kingdom
Height6 Ft 1 in
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$5 Million

Kriss Akabusi’s Parents:

His parents, Nigerian immigrant parents who were studying in London at the time, had to leave Akabusi when he was four years old. He and Riba were raised in foster care. She was concerned that Akabusi would go to Nigeria. He refused to leave the UK, even though he wanted to be with his family. Akabusi only visited Nigeria at twenty-one. He went to Edmonton County School.

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