Key Features of the Sales Enablement Platform

Precision and efficiency are the key elements to performing various business tasks, especially the creation of a sales workforce. An effective sales enablement strategy can help sales reps to achieve both aspects. Though sales enablement is a hectic job, the use of digital tools or an effective sales enablement platform can help to streamline it. 

A credible and efficient sales enablement platform allows sales reps to learn advanced skills to create a strong sales strategy. From employee onboarding to their sales and marketing team alignment and creating unique content to tracking real-time data analytics, it helps sales reps at each stage. 

Various digital tool manufacturing companies are providing a huge collection of sales enablement platforms. Though most of these vendors are quite credible, some scammers also exist. Therefore, the selection of the right platform such as Netchex is highly crucial to get the right type of tool to do the right job. 

Must-Have Features 

Sales enablement software comes in various sizes and types to perfectly stand with the unique requirements of each type of business. Some are suitable for small organizations only while some serve equally to both large and small-scale businesses. Therefore, the selection of the right type of tool is essential to go hassle-free throughout the sales enablement process.

Though all types of sales enablement platforms have specific features,  all share some common features. You can explore some major features of sales software here to make the selection process fast and easier. 


Hiring or recruiting and onboarding new employees is a crucial process for all types of businesses which consumes a lot of time. However, implementing digital sales enablement tools can help to streamline this process.  

It helps the recruiting panel by automating the shortlisting process and later on in the onboarding of new hires. It collects all important data of employees, stores it on one platform, and provides all concerned authorities with easy access to this data. 

Automate Workflow 

The main reason for investing in any midterm tool is to save tone and better handle all business tasks. Therefore, an effective sales enablement tool must have automated workflow features. 

This feature helps sales managers and sales reps to manage multiple projects. From management to reminders and work data dashboard to task delegation, it helps at each stage to cover the loops and ensure a smooth workflow. 


Another must-have feature of sales enablement tools is alignment. It brings both sales and marketing teams to one table and provides them with room to communicate and discuss different ideas which can help in earning more sales. 

With the help of this feature, both teams can share their work progress, pending tasks, and other work-related stuff on a dashboard. Both teams can easily access this dashboard anytime from anywhere and check the progress. With the help of this dashboard sales teams can also watch the marketing team’s ongoing deal with a customer and can easily jump to the communication at the right time to close the lead successfully. 

Content Management 

The creation of sales content is a crucial but time-consuming and hectic task. Therefore, sales enablement software must have a content management feature to help sales reps.

 This feature allows sales reps to create unique, informative, and updated content. It also streamlines the content audit process by automatically detecting errors, broken links, and duplicate or unnecessary data.  


Integration is also an important feature that sales management software must have. It helps sales reps to integrate with other systems linked to sales growth such as  CRM, payroll, and HR. It results in saving both time and money. 

Data Analytics 

All types of sales enablement tools have data analytics features. It provides sales reps and managers with data analytics of their ongoing sales strategy, employees’ work progress, and budget management. Therefore, sales managers can easily evolve and make important decisions.  

Wrapping Up 

To summarize, an effective sales enablement platform with the above-mentioned features is mandatory to empower your sales reps. It helps you to equip your salesforce with all essential tools such as a sales playbook, unique content, and sharp selling tactics. You can use this guide to know what features a sales enablement platform must possess to reap fruitful results.