Kaylin Gillis Obituary | Check Who Is Kaylin Gillis?

The article describes Kaylin and the event which led to her death, as well as the shooter who killed her. The public can find out more through studying Kaylin Gillis’s Obituary.

who is Kaylin? How old is she and the date she passed away? What was the motive behind the cause of death? Who was responsible for shooting Kaylin? What are the reactions of the public when they hear the reports? Did you look up anything that was related to the death Kaylin? The tragic incident that occurred in United States made people panic. Learn more regarding the event by checking out Kaylin Gillis’s Obituary.

who are you? Kaylin Gillis?

Kaylin is a native of Schuylerville. Her parents’ names were Andrew Gillis, and her mother’s name was Angel Winnie Gillis. Kaylin’s mom works as waitress in The Merc, while her father is an artist in digital media. She had two sisters but their names were not publicized. Kaylin Gillis’s partner’s name is Blake Walsh. Their relationship was acknowledged within the family and they were able to accept the relationship. They’ve been together for the last five years, beginning in the year 2018. Kaylin Gillis Reddit link is listed below for you to get opinions from the public.

What did happen to Kaylin?

The incident occurred when Kaylin Gillis was in a car with three of her friends searching for a residence of a friend when she drove through an unintentional driveway located within Hebron rather than the correct one as per authorities from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Kaylin Gillis, who was shot when the group was not in the right place. Kevin Monahan allegedly fired one of the shots fired at Gillis after the driver left the vehicle. The group who was parked at Kevin Monahan’s residence said the fact that Kevin fired two shots at the vehicle while the driver was leaving his patio. He pondered over which bullet struck Gillis. Kaylin Gillis Facebook page provides more details on the incident.

The cause of death

Monahan made two rounds that hit Gillis at the time they turned their car around, recognizing the mistake. To dial 911, her companions drove for 5 miles to Salem where they had an improved cell phone signal. The woman was declared dead at the scene, after emergency personnel attempted CPR. The Sheriff of Warren County said Monahan remains in the custody of authorities and is accused of killing in second degree. The legal status of his representation is not clear. On Kaylin Gillis’s Instagram, users love her and their families.


Date of Birth Age: 20 years. Place where birth took place: Schuylerville, New York Height 5’6 inches Nation of Birth: American Religious: Christianity College: Schuylerville High School Weight 50 kg Andrew Gillis Mother: Angel Winnie-Gillis Siblings Two Sisters Marital Status Blake Walsh is an unmarried boyfriend. Blake Walsh Net Worth: $30K

Kaylin Gillis Gofundme aims to assist families of Kaylin. The donation will be used to pay for funeral expenses of Kaylin.


The wrong drive-way resulted in the murder and shooting of Kaylin Gillis, who was 20 years old who was killed at Hebron, New York, on the 15th of April, 2023. Following an altercation, 65-year-old Kevin D. Monahan was detained and taken to Fort Edward’s Washington County Correctional Facility for second-degree murder. Missouri was the location of the incident, which attracted national interest. Find out more information on the internet.

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