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This article discusses the key points concerning the fight in the basketball game and details about John Amores Height.

John Amores is a well-known basketball player. John was recently featured in the news due to the altercation between St. Benilde and St. Benilde in the 1998 men’s basketball tournament.

The United States, and the Philippines are eagerly awaiting to find out the cause of the ugly fight. All associated links are listed in the “social media” section below.

John Amores is High! Who Is He? Get the Latest Update!

John Amores is currently not known to be a tall man. His height is unknown. After a fight broke out between the two teams, he began throwing punches at the opposing team player

You can watch the video by clicking the Twitter link in the heading.

John Amores Biography

People started looking for John Amores’ details on social media.

John Amores Wikipedia

Full name John Anthony Walker Amores, Birth Place Unknown Date and Time Unknown Profession Basketball Player Marital Status Unknown Partner’s Name Unknown Nationality Unknown

Family John Amores

The player John Amores was not well-known until his fight and throws made him an instant sensation. We will update the details as soon as we have them.

Both the officials and the teammates assured that there would not be another incident like this in the future.

John Amores Age

Based on the way he presents himself, and the look he gives off, we believe he is around 20 years old. We will not be able to confirm his age due to the highlight that he has taken upon himself since the fight.

As the officials dealt with the chaos created by Amores during the match between Jose Rizal University and St. Benilde, the committee decided to lock Amores in the Heavy Bombers dugout.

John Amores Net Worth

Similar to John Amores Height details. No details were released yet.

John Amores in a Relationship?

It is not known if John Amores was married or in a relationship.

His ugly fight is what made him famous, and Louie Gonzalez, his coach, has refused to comment. The penalty John will be assessed by the committee for his actions, but they don’t know what kind.

John Amores Profile

John Amores has not yet been made a star. However, his Instagram account is locked and private.


This video shows the fight between the two sides. Let us know your thoughts.

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