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This investigation regarding Jing Tian Scandal will update the public regarding the viral updates on Jing Tian and Zhang Jike. Read more about it here.

Do you know about the recent update about Chinese actor, Jing Tian? What is the reason Jing as well as her ex-boyfriend Zhang Jike in news? People from China, the Philippines in the Philippines and Vietnam are talking about Jing Tian’s scandal as she’s been one of the victims ex’s misdeeds. What is the truth? If you’d like to know all about the latest update regarding Jing Tian and Zhang Jike please read this article to the final page.

Was Jing Tian Video Leaked By Her Former Boyfriend?

According to internet sources, Jing Tian who is an actress with a lot of popularity in China is currently in the spotlight because of her ex-boyfriend Zhang Jike who is a gold medalist at the Olympics has leaked intimate video clips to his creditor. Zhang Jike is the world champion in Table Tennis and won a gold medal three times. According to some online sources, he leaked the photos and videos due to owing five million dollars. He was not able to pay his gambling obligations and, as a result, he agreed to provide Jing’s videos to pay his obligations. According to online sources, Jing Tian Scandal is popular because Jing was the victim of this scam of extortion. The creditor has even demanded RM 14.1 million from Jing.

What brought this subject to be brought to

The reports in the online media revealed that a reporter uncovered all of the information regarding gambling debts owed by Zhang Jike. The news articles were released by Beijing News and it was discovered that the reporter, Li Weiao, presented the entire report on their relationship, as well as the amount of the money he owed. The report also stated that the two had been dating the other from March of 2018 until the year 2019, (June). However, they broke up shortly afterward. In the case of Jing Tian Scandal, Jing Tian had informed the police about the exortion. The creditor was detained and fined 500 yuan and jailed to seven years in prison. The investigative journalist has provided the complete information on the internet. The facts are true and based on real facts.


To summarize this article In this post, we have shared all the details concerning this scandal. Readers can find more information about Zhang Jike and Jing Tian here. We don’t support any illegal activity , such as betting whether for fun or to earn money.

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