Jimmy Lin Car Accident {July} Check Heartbreaking News!

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Do you know about the Tesla Model X car driven by the famous Taiwanese performer and musician Jimmy Lin crashed last Friday? On social media, it was reported that the Taiwanese celebrity was involved in an collision. The singer was hurt by the accident and taken to an emergency room at Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

He was hurt and taken to a hospital. The fans of Jimmy Lin across all of United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia as well as Singapore are concerned and wanted to learn the details about Jimmy Lin Car Accident.

about the car accident!

Jimmy Lin, the famous Taiwanese actor, cum performer has been admitted in a hospital on Friday, after his Tesla crashed into the road divider , and then ignited. The actor was driving the car with his son and the incident took place within Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

The incident was first reported on social media. The post states that the artist suffers several injuries to his face and shoulder. The injuries he suffered weren’t fatal. The accident happened around 10.51 AM . He was making a U-Turn towards the next lane on the right when his car struck the divider post.

What Caused What Cause the Jimmy Lin Kecelakaan Happen?

The performer, Jimmy Lin, is in the hospital with medical supervision. He sustained serious injuries after his car smashed into the post while making the U Turn. The incident was reported on Friday, at 10.51 AM. The pedestrian who saw him helped him and his child from the wreckage shortly after the car crashed. It was couple of minutes after the vehicle caught fire.

According to the officers investigating the single-car crash investigation is being investigated, and they also state that the singer had been able to pass tests for breathalyzers. Therefore, there is no evidence that he was drunk. The footage of the scene further proves the crash occurred after the vehicle raised the lane line before smashing against the wall.

Jimmy Lin Kelly Chen and his wife and their family members were seen in the hospital where the singer is currently undergoing treatment. According to the report, both people who were injured of the incident were not seriously injured and the injuries sustained weren’t life-threatening.

The Latest News about Jimmy Lin Accident!

According to Lin’s agent, the singer sustained serious head and shoulder injuries. His son is safe. A recent blog post on the accident received over 1,000 million views in Asia. The agency said that actor Jimmy Lin Wife thank the pedestrians and construction workers who assisted the actor and his son get away the victims before the car burst into flames. They then took to the hospital nearby to receive treatment.

The actor was afflicted with multiple fractures, and is currently recovering in the hospital, along with his son, which was the Lin’s son confirmed during the press conference following the incident.


Jimmy Lin is a car racer and enjoys driving his cars. But, Friday, was not a good day for him or his son, as they collided in an car crash when driving their Tesla car. It was the Jimmy Lin Car Accident was reported in the early morning of Friday, and the driver suffered several fractures. Fortunately both of them were taken to hospital within two minutes prior to the car burst into flames.