Jiji Plays Red Room Scandal | Check Viral Video Here!

This article contains detailed information about Jiji’s Red Room Scandal. Read the article to find out more.

Jiji, who are you? Are you familiar with her gaming content? Are you a fan of hers on social media? This article is about JijiPlays Red Room Scandal because people from the Philippines as well as other countries are interested in this teenage gaming sensation. Keep checking back. We’ll be covering many details about Jiji.

Facts about Scandal

Jiji, a popular teen, creates content for social media. She uploads video games and other entertainment videos. She has a large fan base on YouTube and Facebook. She is often the topic of controversy. We searched the web for JijiPlays Viral Telegram information but couldn’t find it. False reports claimed that she was engaged to or had been filmed cuddling with a boy. However, the rumors are unsupported by any evidence.

We also discovered that Jiji once played the piano tune from a Japanese series’ Scandal’. The clip became viral on Tiktok. Jiji is not mentioned in the red-room scandal. Red room is an escape game. There are many red-room games online. Jiji could have also played the game via live streaming.

Personal Information About Jiji Plays

Jhewelry Dela Cerna, the real name for Jiji, is Jhewelry Hershely Dela Cerana. Jiji is only 14 years of age. Jiji is not well-known. The public is also interested in her relationship status. She often talks about her crush on someone, but she never says if she has a boyfriend.

According to rumors, she was romantically involved with celiboy. However, it is not clear if this information is accurate. Her Filipino and dialect indicate that she is from Bulacan, Philippines.

Social Media Links

Instagram Link to It was impossible for us to locate her Instagram account.

YouTube Channel Link

Jiji launched her channel in September 2020. It now has 258k subscribers. Her channel has received 5,940,011 views. She has linked her YouTube and Facebook accounts.

Facebook Link

Jiji only follows 8 people with 4.1 million followers.


This post provided a lot information about Jiji Plays (a well-known Filipino gamer). For a while, she has been the topic of discussions on Telegram as well as rumors. We were unable to find any details regarding Jiji’s red-room scandal. Although we did some internet research on Jiji’s involvement in other scandals, details weren’t found. Click here to view one of her YouTube video.

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