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Jeremy Renner Biography. The complete biography of Jeremy Renner can be found here. Jeremy Renner was conceived January 7, 1971. He is an actor and singer as well as a film producer.

Jeremy Renner Biography

Fans are searching for Jeremy Renner Biography. He is an actor, singer and film producer. Here you will find the biography and other details about Jeremy Renner.
January 7, 1971 was Jeremy Renner’s birth date. As Jeremy Renner becomes more popular, people are keen to read Jeremy Renner biography. You can find Jeremy Renner biography.

Let’s start with Jeremy Renner’s age. According to superstarsbio, Jeremy Renner is 51 years old. According to superstarsbio, Jeremy Renner stands 1.78m high. Here is a full biography of Jeremy Renner.

Name Jeremy Renner
January 7, 1971, date of birth
Age 51
California, U.S.A. Birthplace Modesto
1.78m in height
Weight: 82 kg

Jeremy Renner Real Name

Many people don’t know the real identity of Jeremy Renner. This section will help you find out. Jeremy Renner doesn’t have any other names.

Jeremy Renner Age

Jeremy Renner was actually born January 7, 1971. Jeremy Renner (51 years old) is listed in the Jeremy Renner biographical table. Jeremy Renner was conceived in Modesto, California (California), USA on December 31, 1981.

Jeremy Renner Height & Weight

This section will show you how tall Jeremy Renner actually is. According to superstarsbio Jeremy Renner stands 1.78m high and weighs 82kg.

Jeremy Renner Net Worth

Jeremy Renner is a well-known and highly successful celebrity. Here’s the scoop on Jeremy Renner’s net worth. According to superstarsbio, Jeremy Renner has a net worth of $22 million US dollars.

Jeremy Renner Wife

Is Jeremy Renner married to his wife? Many of his fans would like to learn more about his private life. According to superstarsbio Sonni Pacheco is Jeremy Renner’s wife.

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