Jamirah Shutes Video | Is Jamirah Shutes Arrested?

This article describes the incident between Jamirah Schutes and Elissa. You can also read Jamirah Shute Video to see the public’s reactions.

Have you seen the video of Jamirah Schutes? What was the incident at the handshake line on Thursday night? What did you think about the incident? The incident shocked many Americans who were watching the WNIT match. The video has gone viral on social media. You can find more information about the incident in Jamirah Shute’s Video.

What happened to the basketball team?

Both senior guards Shutes and Brett were involved in an incident that occurred 24 seconds into the first quarter. Shutes was outmatched by Sophie Dziekan and Brett’s double teams. Dziekan appeared to have hit Shutes inadvertently when she ran for the ball after Brett had been whistled for a foul. Shutes is the Tigers’ leading scorer. Shutes was not present in the third quarter, so she left the game.

Jamirah Shutes Arrested

Jamirah Shutes was arrested for assault following Thursday’s incident that occurred in Memphis women’s basketball’s loss at the WNIT. Shutes and Elissa of Bowling Green exchanged words following the 73-60 win. Shutes stopped by Shutes’ house and spoke to her. Shutes struck Brett in the head as she walked away. Brett fell to the ground. Brett took a moment and stood up from the court to walk by herself.

Jamirah Shutes Punch Video

The video depicts the punch that Jamirah delivered to Brett. People claim that it was a vicious attack after seeing the video posted on social media. A Bowling Green State University statement stated that the Memphis Women’s Basketball team member was charged with assault following an unrelated physical incident that occurred on Thursday after the WNIT home match. BGSU Athletics is also reviewing the incident. They are committed to the safety, support and health of student-athletes and violence is not acceptable. People posted comments on Twitter about this illegal act. To learn more, the link has been shared below.

Additional details about the incident

An investigation was conducted by the university’s police department into the incident. Jamirah was charged with the offense after video evidence was collected. Interviews were also conducted by the police. The witness was also gathered. He concluded that Shutes had hit Brett in the handshake line. The incident is currently under investigation. Memphis’ athletics department refused to comment on Friday as the investigation continues. The video of Jamirah Shutes went viral, with many people stating that it was unfair to hit.


According to online sources, Jamirah Shutes was charged with assaulting Elissa Brett, a Memphis Women’s basketball team star. After the game on Thursday, Shutes punched Elissa Bert in the handshake line. Further details are still being gathered. Find out more online.

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