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Why are Dwayne and James Gunn in the news? Did you know about James Gunn and Dwayne Johnson’s controversy? Is Dwayne Johnson joining DC Studios again?

DC fans know all too well the dissatisfaction expressed by Dwayne Johnson regarding DC. Recent news updates were requested by Americans. To learn more, see the James Gunn Johnson Dwayne story.

What happened to Dwayne Johnson & James Gunn?

Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson, the famous actor, have left DC. James Gunn (Chief Of DC) is no longer involved with them. Rumours claim that Dwayne John was interested in bringing back Henry Cavill to film Black Adams in DC. It was not possible, however, after Dwayne Johnson disowned being part of Black Adam Chapter 1.

Adam posted a tweet on Twitter and shared his wrap for Black Adam Chapter 1. After meeting James Gunn, he stated that Black Adams was not going to be part of the DCU’s first chapter. Below are all important social media links.

Johnson was replaced by James Gunn’s wife!

After Dwayne Johnson denied being a Cameo, some rumors suggest that David F. Sandberg was the one who replaced him in Shazam. Sandberg introduced Jennifer Holland (James Gunn’s wife) in Shazam! Fury of Gods. According to rumors Dwayne wanted Henry Cavill as a cameo in Shazam 2.

The DCU shared a TWITTER posting in which they stated that David F. Sandberg had to take over Dwayne Johnson’s place as The Rock has denied being part Shazam.

Will Dwayne Johnson enter DCU?

Dwayne Johnson has not yet made an official announcement about his plans to rejoin the DCU. James Gunn did however leave a positive message for Dwayne. According to rumors, Johnson is always available to work with Dwayne Johnson.

Redditor Dwayne Johnson shared a post by him when he left DC Studios. Dwayne Johnson posted in the post that Black Adam wouldn’t be part Chapter one of DC Universe.

Henry Cavill to DCU?

James Gunn is looking for a new role in Upcoming Superman: Legacy. There are no rumors about Henry Cavill joining DCU. Cavill fans are hopeful to see him as Superman again.


We can’t foresee Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson reuniting with the DCU. Further information on James Gunn and Dwayne Johnson can be found here.

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