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T-Mobile data breach settlement has become a hot topic. Customers look forward to submitting their claims form for compensation. T-Mobile was forced to accept the offer because customers’ data had been hacked.

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What is T-Mobile Settlement?

1 Settlement for TMobile users Settlement for California residents $25 $100 2 Contact number 1-833-512-2314 3 Email address 4 Mail address T-Mobile data breach settlement administration LLC P.O 225391 New York 5 Final settlement hearing 20 January 2023

T-Mobile will pay compensation to those affected by the data breach. This is legal. Although it was not possible to determine how many people were affected by hackers’ data exposure, the number is estimated at around 77 millions.

Many people ask whether Kroll Settlement Administration Mobile Scam is legit. It is true, the company will compensate the victims. You might now be curious about Kroll. Kroll is responsible for the settlement case and offers expertise. You can find out more about Kroll in this link. This link will tell you more about Kroll.

The court will hold the final hearing on the final settlement by January 20, 2019.

Is T-Mobile a fraud or legit?

T-Mobile, a US-based company that provides data service, voice and messaging, is considered a legitimate business. T-Mobile has a trust score of 99%. It is also very popular with a global rank of 1041. Trustworthy, the website’s domain was established on 13 January 2000.


T-Mobile Settlement is legal and compensates approximately 77 million people. To learn more about, read this article until the end. Click this link to find out more about the settlement.

FAQs: Is a scam?

1 – Is a scam?


2 – Who owns T-Mobile?

Deutsche Telekom

3 – What compensation amount is available to users?

California residents: $25 users, $100 residents

4 – How many people were affected?

Around 77 Million.

5 – Is T-Mobile legit?


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