Is Rothy Shoes Legit | Check This Site Legit Or Not 

is Rothy Shoes Legit listed all the characteristics of the store, which will assist the buyer to determine its authenticity.

Do you wish to purchase top quality clothes, shoes as well as bags to gift your dear family members? Do you think a legitimate review of the online platform improve your shopping experience? We frequently provide honest reviews of websites for shoppers to ensure they purchase the product they want without a lot of difficulties.

For this article, we’ve tried to look at Rothy shoes, which offer high-quality products for women, men and children. Does Rothy Shoes Legitwill help those who are shopping online who are in America United States get real information about the site they plan to purchase from.

Analyzing the Authenticity of Rothys Com:

Customers can see parameters such as reviews from customers, plagiarism, and trust ranking in this section in the reviews. These are crucial in determining the legitimacy of any online shop and assist customers in deciding the authenticity of the shop.

  • Rothy is a domain with a history of nine years ( the 28th of August, 2012)
  • The website’s traffic is 49596. This means that customers are frequenting this site to search for bags, shoes and dresses.
  • Rothy Shoes Reviews Trust score for the shoe retailer is 93%. This is a positive one that is favorable to the site.
  • It has a significant social media reach , including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. These icons are displayed on the home page of the site, which has many people following it.
  • The feedback of customers for Rothys shoes is available on review sites for public reviews and also on an established internal review procedures.
  • The content on the website, including text and images on the site appears to be original and without any copyright issues.
  • We were unable to locate the details of the owner, however the address of the store is listed on the site.
  • Does Rothy Shoes Legitfound the trust index for the store to be 90.8 percent, which is an excellent score for a legitimate site.
  • The domain expires on August 28, 2026.
  • The SSL certificate for this site is valid.

Details of Rothys Com Portal:

Rothys com has been fulfilling the needs of shoppers on the internet over the past 10 years, and has been providing a top-quality product to customers. Customers looking for clothing or shoes can find the item of their preference on this website. The management promises to produce an item that is based on the concept of sustainability.

It offers a broad selection of merchandise in each class with different price levels. is Rothy Shoes Legitlist of the products that are offered on the platform is provided below.

  • Shoes, flats slippers, boots and slippers
  • Bags – Clutches, bags, handbags, wallets, and travel bags
  • Apparels (women’s) The office-ready favorites and a summer collection.

Regular Features of Rothys Com:

  • Its domain is
  • The domain address of this store is
  • Customer service mail
  • A newsletter service is in place.
  • Store address Location of the store 211 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116, United States.
  • Contact number: Contact number –
  • Time to deliver: 5-7 business days.
  • A free return is allowed within 30 calendar days after placing the order.
  • Payment method: Debit card and credit cards

Is Rothy Shoes Legit Pros for Rothy Com:

  • The trust rating for this store is over 90%, which is an indication for legitimacy of the site.
  • The reviews of customers about the store is available across various platforms.
  • It is a top Alexa score, which indicates good user traffic.
  • The company also offers discount cards to customers as a promotion tool.
  • The store’s contact information and number are listed on the site.
  • Support for customers is provided via online chats, emails, or a contact number.

Cons of Rothy Com Website:

  • It has a low user rating on certain public review websites.
  • Customers are expressing concerns about its exchange policy and customer service.

What is Rothy Shoes Reviews for this store online?

Since the store began its operation 10 years ago there are numerous reviews from customers who have reviewed the website’s online presence. Ratings of customers on a few review websites are listed below.

  • A well-known review website has awarded it an average score at 1.6 out of 109 ratings.
  • On another site that is well-known it has a rating of 3 out of 210 customer reviews.
  • The third and final side is a score 3.67 out of 4.67 in 3 user reviews.

It’s rated five stars from its internal reviews. Additionally, shoppers can be aware of PayPal scams via text scams by visiting this link.


Does it work? Rothy Shoes Legit review team has examined the store’s rules however, they found nothing that could be suspicious regarding it. The customers can use the platform to buy the products they requirements, but they must take note of the comments from customers who have purchased from the website.

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