Is Paul Pogba Married | Check Who is Paul Pogba’s Wife?

Is Paul Pogba Married? Start reading this article and check whether the French professional football player Paul Pogba is currently married or not.

Is Paul Pogba Married?

The French soccer sensation, Paul Pogba is married to Maria Zulay Salaues. They exchanged vows in 2019 and are currently husband and wife. Paul Pogba, the highly acclaimed midfielder from France, has solidified his status as a superstar footballer, both at Manchester United and in international competitions.

Pogba’s illustrious journey commenced in the youth academy of Manchester United, where his exceptional abilities stood out. Nonetheless, a disagreement between his agent and manager resulted in his departure from the club.

In 2012, Pogba made a significant move to Juventus on a free transfer, where he truly rose to prominence. His remarkable performances for the Italian club brought him into the spotlight and captured the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide.
Recognizing Pogba’s immense talent and stardom, Manchester United’s then-coach, Jose Mourinho, orchestrated a sensational return for him to Old Trafford in 2016.

The transfer, with a fee of PS89 million, set a new world record at the time and sent shockwaves throughout the footballing community.

Who is Paul Pogba’s Wife?

Maria Zulay Salaues, now known as Zulay Pogba, is the wife of the celebrated French football superstar, Paul Pogba. Their union as husband and wife took place in 2019. While the football world often focuses on the players and their remarkable skills on the pitch, there is an essential support system behind every successful player. Zulay has been the steadfast pillar of support in Paul’s life, offering him unwavering love and encouragement both on and off the field.

Born in Rogore, Bolivia, Zulay is the daughter of Ricardo Salaues and Karla Antelo. Although details about her family are limited, it is known that her parents still reside in South America. Zulay has two sisters, Gabriela and Carla, who are also part of her loving family.

Zulay’s journey led her from Bolivia to Miami, where she pursued a career in modeling. Prior to that, she worked at real estate agencies and engaged in product modeling in her home country. Presently, she has established herself as a successful model with a considerable following on social media.

Beyond her thriving modeling career, Zulay’s most significant role is being the devoted wife of Paul Pogba. Her unwavering support and love have undoubtedly played a crucial part in his life, complementing his achievements on the football field with a strong foundation of love and encouragement.

Paul Pogba Height

Paul Pogba stands at a height of 1.91 meters. Paul Labile Pogba is a highly skilled French football professional, currently associated with Serie A club Juventus and representing the France national team. While his primary position is central midfielder, he possesses the versatility to excel as a left winger, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder, and deep-lying playmaker on the field.

Paul Pogba, currently playing for Juventus F.C. as a midfielder wearing the number 10 jersey, commands a salary of 1.03 crores EUR as of 2023. The French-Guinean footballer is not only known for his on-field performances but also for his role as a family man. Scroll down for more exciting information about this talented football professional.

Does Paul Pogba Have a Child?

Together, the couple has been blessed with 2 children. Their first child, Labile Shakur, was born on January 3rd, 2019. In 2020, they welcomed their second son. Taking to social media recently, Paul Pogba joyfully revealed the news of his third child’s arrival, expressing his happiness as a proud father of three.

The talented Juventus midfielder turned to Instagram on Wednesday evening, sharing a delightful collection of pictures featuring his Bolivian model wife, Zulay. In one of the snapshots, Pogba captured himself on a FaceTime call with his wife and newborn son while en route to the hospital, creating a heartwarming moment to be cherished.

Paul Pogba Age

Born in March 1993, Paul Pogba is 30 years old as of 2023. Paul Pogba has achieved remarkable success throughout his career, particularly during his time in Italy. Among his notable achievements is winning the FIFA World Cup with the French national team in 2018, as well as finishing as a runner-up in the 2016 UEFA European Championship with Les Bleus.

Currently, Pogba plays a vital role as a key player for the renowned club, the Red Devils. Apart from his professional endeavors, Pogba’s unique hairstyles have contributed to his popularity. While he tends to keep his personal life private, rarely sharing pictures with his beautiful wife and children, it is worth mentioning that his wife is none other than the stunning Zulay Pogba.

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