Is Levison Wood Married | Check Complete Details!

“Is Levison married?” is a question that fans are always asking. We will look at his personal life and the available information regarding British explorer Levison Wood’s relationship status.

Is Levison wood married?

Levison has confirmed that , he is not married. He said that his travels which last nine months a year are too frequent for him to date or maintain a stable relationship. Levison, in an interview for Country Life Magazine reported by Telegraph, reflected on his situation and said that the last five years were difficult in terms of stability.

Channel 4 released a documentary entitled “Walking with Elephants”, aimed at travel enthusiasts who are looking for a way to escape the lockdown. Levison Wood is featured in the series as he embarks on a remarkable journey to track elephant migrations in Botswana, Southern Africa. The Channel 4 presenter, Kane and a local guide from Southern Africa accompany him on a journey spanning from Makgadikgadi up to the Okavango Delta’s outskirts.

Who Is Levison Wood?

Levison Wood is a 38 year old explorer, writer, and traveler from Staffordshire. He’s accompanied by Peter Wood, his younger brother. Levison Wood, a 38-year-old explorer, traveler, and writer from Staffordshire, is accompanied by his younger brother, Peter Wood.

Levison began a nine-month journey along the Nile in 2013, which later became a Channel 4 document and book entitled “Walking the Nile.”

In addition, he has been involved in the production of and played the lead role in many other documentaries including “Walking the Himalayas,” “Arabia With Levison Wood,” and “Walking the Americas.” Levison’s passion for exploration and travel has been chronicled in seven successful books.

Levison Wood Wife

He has not yet married. Levison Wood finished his army service in April 2010. He then transitioned to a successful career focusing on photography and writing. In 2011, he was awarded the Royal Geographical Society Fellow title for his expertise in travel, exploration and more than 100 different countries.

Levison is also an honorary fellow of the CASS Business School and an elected Fellow of the Explorers Club of New York. He has also been awarded an honorary PhD by Staffordshire University.

Levison Wood Girlfriend

Levison Wood is not in a relationship at the moment. There is no information about his previous engagements or dating background. Levison Wood has not been in a romantic relationship as of January 12, 2023.

Levison walked the length of the Himalayas in 2015, starting in Afghanistan and ending in Bhutan.

He embarked upon another journey a year later. This time, he covered a distance between Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where the first Spanish conquistadors had landed, and Colombia, which was 2,000 miles away. The expedition included traversing the Darien Gap, a challenging trek. Levison’s “Walking the Americas”, a book he wrote, was a huge success in the UK and the USA.

Levison Wood Net Worth

Levison Wood is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million dollars. Levison Wood’s most ambitious project to date was a full circumnavigation around the Arabian Peninsula.

The extraordinary journey began in Syria, traversed through Iraq, the Gulf, a part of the Empty Quarter in Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia before ending in Lebanon. This remarkable journey covered an overall distance of 8,000 km (5,000 miles).

Levison was embedded with Iraqi soldiers who were fighting against ISIS throughout this expedition. This allowed him to witness the liberation Sharqat first-hand. He also met Palestinian guerrillas as well as Hezbollah operatives. Levison was able to visit Palmyra at the time, when it was under Russian rule.

Levison, in addition to his notable accomplishment, has also undertaken numerous overland journeys. These include a foot crossing of Madagascar, and mountain climbing in Iraq.

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