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Is Larry Mahan still alive? This is the question that bothers the fans of the former American professional rodeo Cowboy. Read the article to find out more about Larry Mahan’s current status.

Who Is Larry Mahan?

Larry Mahan, a famous American cowboy and legend in the rodeo world, is an American icon. He was born in Salem on November 21, 1944. Mahan began his passion for rodeo at an early age and quickly became a star in the sport.

Mahan’s talent and dedication in rodeo made him one of the most successful cowboys ever. He won many titles in his career as a rodeo cowboy.

He displayed remarkable athleticism and skill in both the bull riding and bareback events. Larry Mahan has won six world rodeo all-around championships in total. This record stood for several years. Mahan also won multiple world titles in individual events including four all-arounds, two bull ridings, and one bareback ride. Mahan’s incredible achievements cemented his status as a rodeo icon.

Mahan’s impact on rodeo was not limited to his success in competition. He introduced a new level in professionalism and athleticism into the arena and inspired generations of cowboys, cowgirls, and others to follow his example. His charismatic personality, his determination and his relentless work ethic made him a popular figure among rodeo fans and competitors. Larry Mahan’s legacy goes beyond his rodeo life.

Inducted in the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, he was also inducted in the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Rodeo Hall of Fame 1995. To this day, his contributions to the sport are still celebrated and recognized. Trevor Brazile broke all previous records in 2010 by winning the eighth All-Around title. In 2018, he added to his impressive achievement by winning a 14th all-around championship.

Is Larry Mahan still alive?

TennTexasRadio tweeted that Larry Mahan was still alive and fighting bone marrow tumors. According to the tweet, “There are rumours that Larry Mahan is dead; this is not true. He is still alive!” Mr. Mahan, who has been battling bone marrow disease for more than 3 years, is now at home with his two daughters and transitioning to the arms of Jesus.

Please remember his family during this difficult time. Larry Mahan, who has bone marrow carcinoma for about three years, has received care at home. Multiple myeloma is a bone marrow cancer that originates in plasma cells.

The “multiple” part of the name comes from the fact that it is often accompanied by multiple lesions on bones at diagnosis. It’s important to remember that recent internet reports suggest that Larry Mahan is dead. The rodeo community has been shocked by this news, and many have verified the reports.

It is best to consult reliable news sources, official statements by Larry Mahan, his family or representatives, and trusted authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information on Larry Mahan’s condition or any recent events. These sources can provide you with the most recent updates regarding his cancer battle and any changes in his health.

How old is Larry Mahan?

Larry Mahan will be 79 in 2023. He was born in Salem, Oregon, on November 21, 1944. Every year, he marks his birthday on the 21st of November. Larry Mahan began his rodeo career at the age of 14, which is a very young age. In 1963, he began competing in rodeo competitions under the Rodeo Cowboys Association. This association would later change its name to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 1975.

The documentary “The Great American Cowboy” focused on Mahan’s comeback from 1973 when he was facing fierce competition with fellow rodeo Cowboy Phil Lyne. The documentary film “The Great American Cowboy” captured their fierce rivalry in the rodeo arena. The Great American Cowboy won the Academy Award in 1974 for Best Documentary Feature, highlighting Larry Mahan’s incredible journey and cementing his status of a rodeo icon.

Larry Mahan’s achievements and perseverance throughout his career has left a lasting mark on the rodeo sport. His success in rodeo, particularly in the all-around division, has made him a well-known figure and an inspiration to aspiring athletes.

Where has Larry Mahan gone?

Larry Mahan, who has battled bone marrow disease for three years, is now receiving hospice care at home. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer which originates in bone marrow plasma cells. Multiple myeloma, as the name suggests, is a blood cancer that often has multiple lesions in the bone marrow at diagnosis.

The rodeo world was shocked by the news and many people wanted to confirm its authenticity. Larry Mahan, who has been receiving home care for three years now, has been treated for bone marrow carcinoma.

Larry Mahan’s Biography



Name Larry Mahan
Age As of 2023, 79 is the new age.
Nationality American
Profession Professional Rodeo Cowboy


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