Is Kennimathi Com Scam Or Legit | Get Reviews!

Is Kennimathi scam or Legit? Find out the transparency and accuracy and transparency of Kennimathi shop in this article below.

Are you in search of one stop shop for all your shopping needs? Kennimathi stores in the United States will fit your needs best since they claim as a clothing and other stores for household items. However, Is Kennimathi com scam or Legit? The site’s honest review is done to help you understand its credibility. Please take a look at all of the details on this page.

Be aware of the legitimacy of The Website!

  • Credibility Score The store has just one percent. It’s a bad score that is not able to be relied upon easily. Therefore, be cautious.
  • End Date The expiry date is on June 21, 2023.
  • Registration: Kennimathi is registered through NameCheap, Inc.
  • Register Date 21st June 2022, which is the date for registration of the Kennimathi store. The length of time that is determined is three months.
  • Review by the Customer We have located no Kennimathi reviews from the website’s main website and portal.

Short description Description of the shop

Kennimathi shop is divided into different categories of items. However, all products have to be categorize. They’re available without classification. However, they are available in a variety of varieties:

  • Electric Tank Heater
  • Toaster
  • Terrarium Stand
  • Tire

Features of the Kennimathi shop

  • URL:
  • Email ID:
  • Telephone Number+1 415-754-7554
  • Address information: Campbell Avenue Southwest 21, United States, Roanoke, VA 24011,
  • Return Policy It has 30 days of return policy.
  • Shipping Policies The time for transit is between 2 and 5 business days.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Visa, Discover, American Express, etc.

Positive Points

  • Free shipping is included for all purchases.

Negative points

  • There aren’t any reviews to be found.

Kennimathi com Reviews

We have yet found feedback on the company’s official site. In addition the online store is yet to provide any feedback about its product. This is very odd. Additionally, we haven’t discovered any social media websites. There isn’t any evidence review on either the website or official site , and the domain doesn’t appear on any social media platform We can conclude that it’s a flimsy website. You must be aware of all aspects to determine its legitimacy. Additionally, go through the various methods to identify Credit Card Scammers and their actions.


In conclusion of this article on scam or legitimate We found out that the site is three months old, and that the trust rating is less than 1 percent. These factors all point to the legitimacy that is the Kennimathi shop. Check PayPal Scamming details here to be safe from scams.

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