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Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon? The article will discuss Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon, details such as Is there a trans character in Hogwarts Legacy, and how many hours is Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon?

Despite being closely tied to Harry Potter lore, Hogwarts Legacy does not constitute canon to Harry Potter. The Harry Potter universe made it clear that they are open to accepting prequel content as long as it remains consistent.

Does Hogwarts Legacy Have a Trans Character?

The franchise’s first transgender character will be featured in the upcoming “Hogwarts Legend” game.

New Harry Potter-based open world role-playing game introduces players and Sirona Ryan to the Three Broomsticks Pub in the game’s Hogsmeade Village. She informs players that she was not a wizard but a witch when she first met her classmates. “

It is notable that there is a trans character in The Wizarding World. This is despite Rowling’s recent anti-trans comments.

What Is Hogwarts’ Legacy?

Initial storage recommendations were 85 GB. You can see this on places like Hogwarts Legacy’s Steam page.

S requires slightly less storage space, around 77 GB. This is most likely due to the PlayStation versions including console-exclusive content, as opposed to the Xbox and PC versions. Having said that, it is possible that you will require a little more space as the game’s updates, patches, and DLCs become available.

How Long Is Hogwarts Legacy Lasting?

According to a leaked art book for the game, Hogwarts Legacy’s main story will take 35 hours to complete. A completionist run, on the other hand, requires 70 hours. This means that those who want to go beyond the main campaign and unlock all of the game’s collectibles/achievements will have to spend a lot more time exploring.

This time will vary depending on how difficult the game is and the level of your combat skills. Harry Potter fans can explore every corner of the open-world world in Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings?

We won’t give away too much, but we will say that Hogwarts’ Legacy has multiple endings. You’ll reach that universal ending if your immediate threat is removed.

Major decisions made near the game’s conclusion determine the good or bad ending of the main story.

Be careful when choosing your options near the end of each game. Choose the option that you really want.

Hogwarts Legacy Side Missions

There are many endings to the main story, as well as side arcs and missions.

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