Is Guion Bluford Still Alive | Check Who Is Guion Bluford?

Guion Bluford Jr, an American astronaut and retired United States Air Force officer, is still alive. People are curious about Is Guion Blueford Still Alive. This article will provide information on Is Guion Bluford Still Living.

Is Guion Bluford Still Alive?

Some fans might be unsure if Guion Bluford is still alive after learning some facts about Guion. Guion Bluford, 80, is still living and well. Guion Bluford was chosen as a NASA astronaut in January 1978 as part of NASA astronaut team 8. After a year of training they were officially identified as astronauts on August 1979. Bluford left NASA and the Air Force to become Vice President/General Manager, NYMA Greenbelt in July 1993.

What Did Guion Bluford Do in

Guion Bluford was a task specialist for STS-61A in 1985. He supervised the international on orbit payload group during the training and on orbit functions of 76 experiments at the German D-1 Spacelab. Guion Bluford flew aboard STS-39 in 1991 and was responsible for the operation of numerous investigations to support the DOD Strategic Defence Initiative Office. He then flew on STS-53 in 1992, a classified Space Shuttle flight. Bluford left the Air Force in 1993 to become the Vice President/General Manager for the Engineering Services Division. Guion Bluford served on numerous boards, including the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the National Research Council’s Aeronautics and Space Engineering Boards, as well as the Aerospace Corporation and the Space Foundation. Guion Bluford, currently President of Aerospace Technology Group in Cleveland Ohio. Guion Bluford was inducted into the U.S. Astronauts Hall of Fame in the year June 5, 2010.

Where was Guion Bluford born?

Guion Bluford was born in Philadelphia and graduated from Overbrook High School the year 1960. Guion Bluford received a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering at Pennsylvania State University in 1964. In 1974, Guion Bluford earned a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering degree from AFIT. In 1978, Guion Bluford also earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering with some in Laser Physics. He also obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston Clear Lake in 1987. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Who is Guion Bluford?

Guion Stewart Bluford Jr. was conceived on November 22, 1942. He is an American aerospace engineer, retired USAF officer, fighter pilot, and exNASA astronaut. In this capacity, he became the second person of African descent ever to reach space. He was assigned to NASA but remained a USAF officer, rising to the rank colonel. Between 1983 and 1992, he was a Space Shuttle pilot. As an associate on the Orbiter Challenger crew, he was the first African American to be in space. He also became the second person of African descent in space after Arnaldo Tacio Mendez, the Cuban cosmonaut.

Guion Bluford Parents

Guion Bluford is a celebrity that people from all over the globe are eager to learn more about. The search goes beyond continents, not just Kidding. Fans are eager to find out the father’s name and occupation. The article also contains more details about his parents and personal information to quench readers’ curiosity. According to Wikipedia, Guion Bluford Sr. is Guion Bluford’s dad.

We have learned some facts about Guion Bluford’s dad. Now, we need to know about his mother. It is not possible to tell the father’s story and leave out the mother’s name. People from all over the globe search for Guion Bluford’s father’s identity. His mother is also one of these searches. Wikipedia reports that Guion Bluford’s mother was Lolita Bluford.

Guion Bluford Biography

Guion Stewart Bluford Jr. was a well-known American aerospace engineer. He is also a retired officer of the United States Air Force (USAF), fighter pilot and former astronaut.

FULL NAMEGuion Stewart Bluford Jr.
DATE OF BIRTHNovember 22, 1942
AGE80 years
OCCUPATIONAerospace engineer, former United States Air Force pilot and officer, and ex-NASA astronaut.
PARENTSLolita Bluford, Guion Bluford Sr.
BORN IN A COUNTRYPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S
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