Is Exoticathletica Shop Legit (July 2022) Check Reviews!

Is Exoticathletica Shop Legit? This page focuses on the website that sells women’s clothing. To verify that it is truthful, please read the entire article.

Are you looking to update your look and expand your wardrobe? You may have visited websites that sell everything from swimwear to fitness equipment. Many people from the United States and Australia, New Zealand and other countries add unique products to their wardrobes from different websites.

Exoticathletica is an established platform that has been visited by many buyers. They are attracted by the brand and new selection. Did you verify that it Is Exoticathletica Shop Legit

Is Exoticathletica’s online store a Scam.

  • Exoticathletica domain creation and expiration datesExoticathletica launched its official active-wear website on April 28, 2015. Exoticathletica’s domain will be updated on April 28, 2025.
  • Exoticathletica’s domain title: Exoticathletica’s clothing site’s domain is named
  • Activity in social media:Exoticathletica has been active on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Rates evaluation/ Web index: The official Exoticathletica website has around 86% trust rates/index.
  • Rank on The Net:180.837 is a global rank, 4,670 is a national rank and 260 is a category rank for Exoticathletica.
  • Web’s total score Exoticathletica’s website received a trust score around 98%.
  • Views of Exoticathletica Shop Review make this website doubtful about purchasing the products.

What’s Exoticathletica’s shopping platform

Exoticathletica is a platform that aims to make everyone feel good about their skin. The platform is also known for being lazy girls’ innovators. They create effortless looks that fit the customers. It also focuses on comfort and functionality. The company claims that every piece is versatile and can be used for anything, including swimwear or gym wear.

Exotica was born from a simple idea or approach, and a variety of wild designs. You will always be able to benefit from checking if the Exoticathletica Shop Legit is genuine. Depending on their guarantees, you could have problems in the future with cheap activewear.

Specifications for Exoticathletica’s online store:

  • Website URL-
  • E-mail ID-
  • Phone number: +07 5471 0986, +161 75471 0986
  • Contact Timings – Monday through Friday, 08:30 a.m. – 04:30 pm (AEST).
  • Exoticathletica’s website does not include the address of its online store.
  • Exoticathletica products can be purchased and paid for with credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.
  • Shipping Conditions – Exoticathletica’s shopping system ships orders in about 01-04 days. Express shipping costs 0.99 USD per purchase. Standard shipping takes between two and twelve days (11.99 USD per purchase). Before you decide to buy its activewear, make sure is Exoticathletica Shop Legit.
  • Exotica offers a 30-day return policy.

Exoticathletica’s web store:

  • Exoticathletica’s activewear for women shopping site offers a wide range of clothing and activewear that will fit every body type.
  • Since 2014, it claims to have offered unique and unrivalled products.
  • Exotica offers 25% off your first order.

Cons of Exoticathletica’s online store:

  • Exoticathletica’s claim of satisfying customers was false.
  • Exoticathletica’s website received a rating of 2.9 from five-star.
  • Exotica customers are often unhappy with the customer service.

Exoticathletica Shop Reviews:

Exotica’s customer reviews were disappointing. It received a mere 2.9 rating. It was rated as unreliable by customers. It is known for selling low-quality products and poor customer service. If the item does not fit, they recommend that you return it. They fail to mention that you will have to pay the return shipping costs. They don’t offer refunds.

Exotica’s promise is not valid, as you can see. It would be a good idea to do some research and determine if Exotica’s promise is true. Customers had to pay $11.00 for shipping costs to return their merchandise. It is a questionable shopping site because it requires you to return items.

Final Verdict:

Exoticathletica offers a large selection of clothing. Exoticathletica’s online store has a poor reputation. There are no positive reviews and a low score. This vendor does sell quality activewear.