Is Dean Lewis Dad Still Alive | Check Bio Here!

Dean Lewis Grant Loaney, an Australian pop singer and songwriter, was born 21 October 1987. His 2016 single “Waves” was certified 7x platinum in Australia in 2019. This article contains information about Dean Lewis dad and Is Dean Lewis still alive.

Dean Lewis Dad still alive?

Some readers might be unsure if Dean Lewis’s father is still alive or dead after learning some facts about Dean Lewis. Many people are confused about whether Dean Lewis’s father is still alive. Although Dean Lewis’s father isn’t yet dead, doctors say he will survive for less than one year after being diagnosed with fatal cancer in 2022.

Many fans, including Dean Lewis’s families, are sad to hear about Mr. Grant Loaney’s passing. This is a sad and terrible news for the Loaneys. The message “Be Alright” was sent to the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. It also reached other parts of the globe, including social media.

Dean Lewis Dad: What happened?

Dean Lewis’s father Mr. Grant Loaney was diagnosed with a fatal cancer in 2022. According to available information, he could only live for one year. As of 2023, however, no information is available that would indicate whether Mr. Loaney’s health is good or bad. It is important not to speculate about an individual’s health without proper confirmation.

Dean Lewis’s Father Cancer

After learning that his father had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Dean composed his new single “How Do I Say Goodbye”. His family was informed that he had only a 25% chance to live past one year. Dean couldn’t comprehend the idea of losing his closest friend to cancer. His father is now in remission. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about Dean Lewis’s father’s battle with cancer. It is known, however, that Dean’s newest song “Goodbye”, was inspired by his father’s fight with cancer. This song is a tribute and celebration of life and death, and it has touched many hearts. It is important to keep private information about Mr. Grant Loaney’s current health status and his cancer diagnosis and prognosis secret.

Who is Dean Lewis’s father?

According to ghpluzz’s report, Dean Lewis’ father was Grant Loaney. We have now learned some facts about Dean Lewis’s dad. Now, we need to know more about his mother. It is not possible to tell the father’s story and leave the mother’s name out. We did not get Dean Lewis’s mom’s name. We will update our websites if we have more information.

Who is Dean Lewis?

Dean Lewis Grant Loaney, a well-known Australian singer-songwriter, was born 21 October 1987. Dean Lewis is most well-known for his 2016 single, “Waves”, which was 7x platinum in Australia in 2019. His 2018 single, “Be Alright”, reached number one in Australia within four weeks and was certified platinum. It also reached 11x platinum in Australia, and multi-platinum globally. Dean Lewis released his first studio album, A Place We Understood in 2019, and his second, The Hardest Love in 2022.

Dean Lewis Bio

Dean Lewis Grant Loaney, a well-known Australian pop singer and songwriter, was born 21 October 1987.

NameDean Lewis
ProfessionAustralian pop singer-songwriter
FatherGrant Loaney
MotherNot known
Dean Lewis NationalityAustralian
Date of birth21 October 1987
Age35 years
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