Is Comely Lemon Store Legit {June 2022} Check Reviews Here!

This article will help users identify authenticity of a website using specifications from Is It Legit.

Do you want to find the latest trends and clothing on the web? Are you familiar with the site’s latest collection of portal designs?

Many people in the United States want to find the best quality and lowest shipping costs. We will now examine the specifications of the website to answer your question about Is Comely Yellow Store Legit.

Is The Comely Lemon Store Trustworthy?

To assess the website’s trust score and legitimacy, you need to review certain descriptions and specifications. These are the details that will help you get to the right results.

  • Domain creation date: On January 20, 2022, 4 Months – 18 Days ago.
  • Domain expiry date – The expiry date listed is 20 January 2023.
  • Trust Index – 48.2% trust index for this site.
  • Trust score – The trust score is 2%.
  • Spam score – The spam score is 10% of the 100
  • Comely Lemon Store Review – On the official portal, there are no reviews but customers have rated it 5-star. There are also no reviews on other trusted portals.
  • Traffic Index – The traffic generated by the website is ranked at 1547217. This is very low compared to the other comparisons.
  • Details about the Owner and Staff – The website does not give the transparency of the Owner details
  • Social media platforms – the website does not mention any social media platforms. There are fake redirecting links, however.

Clarification: Comely Lemon Store Legit

This website specializes in women’s fashion and clothing. It features a variety of designer and trend-oriented dresses. The website features a selection of well-known retro designs as the main focus of retro clothing choices. The company’s mission is to bring beauty and fashion together to make you feel beautiful, happy, and confident. They believe in providing quality and value for every household.


  • The domain name that will answer is Comely Lemon Store Legit. – Comely Lemon Store
  • Website link registered –
  • Name of the company – Comely Lemon
  • The product category-deals with the divisions of women’s cloth accessories and shopping for women.
  • Official address – The address is not mentioned
  • Contact number – No contact number is listed on the official website
  • Email id –
  • Shipping and delivery services – The shipping cost is determined by the country and can take up to 13 to 17 business days.
  • The return policy is that the products cannot be returned for any reason after 7 days.
  • Payment methods – PayPal, Amex and Dena club are accepted for payment.

It is clear that Legit Lemon Store is a fraud.

The pros and cons of website

  • It is protected with HTTPS protocol.
  • Website promotes a positive ratio of money and budget cloth savings.
  • Every order placed within the country is eligible for free shipping
  • Product delivery is faster than other websites that charge for product delivery.
  • Pay through the card or paypal is equal.

Cons of website

  • The SCL certificate does not apply to the website.
  • It is less trustworthy because it has an expiry date and quick registration.
  • There is no cancellation policy for products ordered.

Comely Lemon Store Review

Our experts seem to have forgotten that Alexa scores are low-ranking in customer reviews. Maine customers complained about the PayPal scam that promised advance money but no product delivery.

It is also more difficult to trust because its Alexa rank is 9597217. The website promotes negative activity for a clothing portal, even though there are no customer reviews. Click below to learn more about the PayPal scam.


Experts have already stated that the final study has shown that the specifications and factors mentioned on the website are not valid. Is Comely Lemon Store Legit? The answer is yes. We recommend that users cross check the website and investigate before making any investments. To avoid being scammed , we recommend studying other methods. Let us know your thoughts!