Is Carol Burnett Married | Check Who is Carol Burnett?

You may be wondering if Carol Burnett is married. If you are wondering if Carol Burnett is married, then this article will tell you all about her.

Is Carol Burnett Married?

Carol Burnett, a legendary comic, has been captivating audiences with her wit and charm for decades. Her signature ear-tugging is also a trademark. Many people are familiar with Carol Burnett’s professional accomplishments, but some may wonder about her personal life and her marital situation. Is Carol Burnett married or not?

Yes, Carol Burnett and Brian Miller are married. The couple met for the first time in the 1990s, when Burnett performed in Long Beach, California. Miller, a musician, was hired by Burnett to join his band for the evening. After their first meeting, the two began dating.

Burnett and Miller married in November 2001 after dating for a few months. The couple exchanged vows before family and friends at their California home during the wedding ceremony. Miller was 45 and Burnett was 68 at the time.

The couple have been happily married for more than 20 years, despite their age difference. Their public appearances, interviews and shared bond are evident. Burnett has spoken often about her love for Miller, and how he brings the best out of her. She said in an interview with People magazine that “He is just a good guy.” He’s funny, smart, and has a good heart.

Who Is Carol Burnett’s Husband?

Brian Miller is Carol Burnett’s husband. He’s a talented musician and has established himself in the music industry. Miller was the principal drummer of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. The orchestra is known for having world-class musicians.

The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, as stated on its website, is composed of around 80 musicians, who are all classically-trained and are among the best Los Angeles studio musicians. The Los Angeles Philharmonic musicians and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra are not the same, despite their immense talent. This shows the diversity of talent in Los Angeles.

Miller, in addition to his work as a musician with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra has also been the group’s manager of personnel, responsible for recruitment and management. Miller has worked as a contractor in music for a variety of venues including the Hollywood Bowl Theatre and the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

Miller’s music career has been varied, as he has worked on many different projects. Miller has worked on a variety of projects, including recordings, live performances and film and TV scores.

Carol Burnett, Miller’s wife, met him through his musical talent. Miller and Burnett met in the 90s, when Miller played music at one of Burnett’s shows in Long Beach. The couple have been together since 2001, after they met and fell in love.

Carol Burnett Children

Carol Burnett is an iconic actress and comedian. She has three daughters, Carrie Hamilton Jody Hamilton and Erin Hamilton. Carrie Hamilton followed in the footsteps of her mother and pursued a career in entertainment. She was a gifted vocalist who appeared in the hottest 90s shows, including Fame, The X-Files and Beverly Hills, 1990210.

She was also an author and wrote Hollywood Arms – a dramedy based on Carol’s story. Carrie died tragically in 2002, at the age 38, from complications caused by lung cancer and pneumonia. Jody Hamilton is Carol and Joe’s daughter. She also works in the entertainment industry and produced Carol Burnett’s television special Carol Burnett Show Stoppers, which aired on The Carol Burnett Show in 2001.

She is also a former actress and co-hosts the podcast From the Bunker, which covers politics and pop culture. Jody Paul married Lonny in September 2018. Erin Hamilton is Carol Hamilton’s youngest child. She has taken to music and become a dance-pop artist.

She released her debut album One World in 1999. Erin is the mother of Zachary Carlson and Dylan West. She has also struggled with substance addiction, just like her sister Carrie. Carol and Brian Miller filed for temporary guardianship in August 2020.

The guardianship was not created to prevent Dylan or his parents from having a proper relationship. Carol said in court documents Erin had “severe substance abuse and addiction problems” for Dylan’s whole life. This led Dylan to lead an “unstable and unpredictable” life.

Who is Carol Burnett married to?

Burnett married three times during her lifetime. She married actor Don Saroyan for the first time in 1955. The couple divorced in 1963. She married Joe Hamilton in the same year. Joe Hamilton was a television producer, with whom she has three daughters: Carrie, Jody and Erin. Their marriage ended in 1984, after 21 years.

After her divorce with Hamilton, Burnett was single for many decades before she met Brian Miller in 1990. Miller, a musician, was also a contractor. The couple met while Burnett performed in Long Beach, California. They began dating immediately after meeting.

Burnett and Miller married in November 2001 after several years of dating. In an American Masters interview in 2007, Burnett talked about her relationship with Miller. She said that the two had a wonderful relationship and she felt lucky to have him in her life at that time. She expressed gratitude to her friends for accepting Miller and his acceptance of them all.

Burnett’s daughters have always been close to her and supportive of all her relationships. Her career has continued to be active, with the Netflix show “A Little Help with Carol Burnett” premiering in 2018.

Carol Burnett Ex Husband

Burnett was married twice. Both marriages ended with divorce. Carol Burnett has been married twice. Both marriages ended in divorce.

Don Saroyan was Carol Burnett’s first husband. He was an actor. The couple married in 1955, but separated in 1962. Saroyan was a Nebraska native born in Omaha on October 4, 1928. He appeared in many films and TV shows including Cuban Rebel Girls, Blast of Silence, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and Airwolf. He died on November 24, 1990 in Los Angeles, California at the age 62.

Carol Burnett, after her divorce with Don Saroyan in 1963, married Joe Hamilton. Hamilton was both a television actor and producer. Hamilton is best known for his production of The Carol Burnett Show which ran from 1967 to 1978. Hamilton produced TV specials Julie and Carol At Lincoln Center (1971), Sills and burnett at The Met (1976), and the 1972 TV movie Once Upon a Mattress. Carol Burnett had three children with Joe Hamilton, Carrie, Jody and Erin.

Carol Burnett’s and Joe Hamilton’s marriage ended in 1985. Hamilton died on June 9, 1992, in Los Angeles due to cancer, aged 62. Burnett said that despite the breakup of both her marriages she treasures the memories and the experiences she had with her ex-husbands.

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