Is Ashley Cordray Pregnant | Check Net Worth Here!

Is Ashley Cordray pregnant? In a touching Instagram post, Restoring Galveston actress Ashley Cordray revealed that her daughter Emory was born.

Ashley Cordray: Who is she?

Ashley Cordray, a popular and well-known house renovation specialist from Galveston was recognized for her role in the TV show “Big Texas Fix”. She was born in 1987 and is an American citizen.

Ashley Cordray and her husband Michael are dedicated to revitalizing and preserving the old and demolished homes of Galveston Island. Ashley Cordray is a successful home renovator.

Her husband Michael Corday and she run a successful company called Save 1900. Their mission is the restoration and maintenance of old, dilapidated houses in Galveston. Ashley and Michael have a passion for restoring these historic homes and developed a deep love for them.

Is Ashley Cordray Pregnant?

Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray are now parents for the third consecutive time. The couple announced the birth of their baby on Instagram.

Emory James was born coincidentally on Michael’s birth date, Saturday, 18 March. Emory James joins Elle and Emma Cordray’s two older daughters to complete their family of five.

Michael made a touching gesture last summer when he shared a video that showed the bond their daughters had as they played. Michael also spoke about the decision to include their daughters in the Magnolia show. He highlighted the joy and meaningful experience that comes from sharing the renovation journey with their family.

It is clear that the Cordrays are very happy and fulfilled because of their growing family, and their commitment to restoring Galveston homes. Their passion for home renovations and preservation of architectural heritage continues to inspire viewers through their work on the show “Restoring Galveston”.

“Filming an tv series…it has its ups, and downs just like anything else.” “But when all is said and done, I’ll look back on these shows and see our girls grow through them,” he wrote.

“As an added bonus, when I’m having a bad day and lock myself away in a dark room to escape the stress of the world, the crew will know exactly what I need to cheer me up!” Elle gave Emma one pair of scrapers and said they were going to make ice cream. “No marbles or children were hurt in the process.”

Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray Galveston Baby

Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray are now parents for the third consecutive time. On Sunday, the couple shared their exciting news on Instagram.

Emory was born coincidentally on Michael’s birthday, on March 18. It is a heartwarming coincidence for Michael that his third child was born on a day so special to him.

The Cordrays announced their plans on Instagram, expressing the joy and happiness that they feel at expanding their family. While they manage the responsibilities that come with being parents of three children, their commitment to “Restoring Galveston”, remains apparent.

Ashley and Michael’s passion for renovating houses and preserving Galveston’s rich history has captured the hearts and minds of viewers. With the arrival of Emory, their journey as a family enters a new exciting phase.

The Cordrays’ commitment to the show and to their growing family is testament to their love of each other, for their work and for their community. They continue to inspire the public with their renovations, and they serve as a constant reminder of the joy that comes from welcoming a child into the world.

They continued by saying, “Mom, you and the baby are doing well. PS: You didn’t miss our announcement or gender reveal…we waited not so patiently to learn that Michael was outnumbered. #girldad #surprise.”

Ashley Cordray Pregnant

Emory James Cordray was born on Michael’s birthday, Saturday March 18. The Cordrays are celebrating their growing family with this incredible coincidence.

Ashley and Michael Cordray of Magnolia Network’s “Restoring Galveston”, the stars of the popular show, proudly announced their third child. The couple shared the news on Instagram with their fans and supporters.

Their genuine connection to their audience is reflected in the Cordrays’ choice to share their joy and their milestone on social media. This allows their fans to share in their excitement and joy during this special moment.

Ashley and Michael, stars of the show “Restoring Galveston,” have captured viewers’ attention with their passion to renovate and restore homes while preserving Galveston’s historical charm. Emory James has expanded their family dynamic, adding even more love and motivation to their lives.

Emory’s birth announcement serves as a gentle reminder of all the wonderful things that come along with being a parent and building a family. Ashley and Michael are able to show their dedication to the show and to each other in this new chapter. This makes their journey all the more inspiring and remarkable.

Ashley Cordray Net Worth

Ashley Cordray is worth an estimated $2 million. This impressive wealth has been accumulated through her successful career in TV and as a professional house flipper. Ashley and her husband also run a business, Save1900.

Since its debut in 2019, Ashley and her husband have hosted the show “Restoring Galveston”. The original name of the show was “Big Texas Fix.” The fifth season of the show is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Their journey into the world of flipping houses began with their very first project: a rundown house listed for $55,000. Michael decided to quit his job in order to focus more on their design company, Save1900. During this period, they were noticed by Magnolia Network who offered to give them the chance to launch their show.

Ashley and Michael bought and restored eight houses, and then sold them at a profit. One of their most notable projects was to restore the historic “Gustave Mayhoff Cottage.”

After two years of hard labor, this house was ready to be moved into by the Cordray family. Ashley Cordray worked in sales at J.A.M Distributing, and also as a Kirby Inland Marine customer service representative.

Ashley Cordray Age

Ashley Cordray was born in Galveston on February 21, 1987. She will be 36 years old by 2023. Every year on February 21st, Ashley Cordray celebrates her birthday with her family and creates cherished memories.

Ashley studied Maritime Administration at Texas A&M University. She graduated in 2008 with a degree from Texas A&M University, gaining knowledge and skills for her chosen field. Although Ashley’s high school education has not been made public, it is evident that her academic journey helped her excel in her chosen career.

Ashley’s commitment to developing her maritime expertise and learning was demonstrated by her majoring in Maritime Administration at Texas A&M University. It is likely that her educational background played a part in her understanding of preservation and renovation in Galveston. She combines this knowledge with her passion of house flipping and restore.

Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray Family

Ashley Cordray and Michael Cordray are the stars of Magnolia Network’s “Restoring Galveston.” They share a passion for finding and restoring historic houses in Galveston, Texas, their hometown. Their dedication to home renovations keeps them very busy. However, they prioritize spending quality time with their daughters, Emma, Elle and Emory, the newest member of their family.

Ashley and Michael, stars of the show “Restoring Galveston,” embark on a quest to restore dilapidated homes and give them new life through their renovation expertise. Every project they take on reflects their love for the city and its architecture. The Cordrays, with their keen eye for style and respect for their homes’ historical significance, transform these houses into beautiful, livable areas while maintaining their charm.

Ashley and Michael are aware of the importance of spending time with their daughters, despite their busy schedule. Emma, Elle and Emory, their three daughters, are the center of their world. They strive to provide a loving and nurturing environment for them.

The Cordrays’ dedication to their family and to their work is an inspiration for viewers of “Restoring Galveston.” The Cordrays demonstrate the delicate balance of pursuing a career while nurturing strong family ties. Ashley and Michael are setting a good example for their daughters by involving them in their renovations and showing the importance of hard work and dedication.

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