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CFCW was established in 2019 as an agency that handles background checks and the screening process. We help employers be liberated from the stress of checking individual applicants on their own.

We provide a straightforward approach that allows them to focus on things they’re good at other than screening applicants.

We help employers learn about the nature of background checks, how it can help them, and how it should be done. We provide countless possibilities for companies looking to start their hiring process.

We built this website for the purpose of serving as a platform that guides employers on their way to master background checks and applicant screening. In addition to our services, we also provide free tips that may further improve the knowledge of employees regarding background checks.

Our Team

CFCW was founded by Ronald Rivas, who is currently residing in Spokane, Washington. Our team at CFCW is also situated in the same area and that’s why our content may focus on companies in Washington, or in the United States in general.

Our Mission

Our mission at CFCW revolves around helping employers gain knowledge regarding background checks.

Our first goal is to help companies who are looking to employ applicants to increase the quality of their employees. We do this by making sure that only the best of the best isgiven the chance to pass the screening process and background checks.

It’s also our mission to make sure that companies have a more secure establishment by filtering those that can threaten the reputation as well as the protection of information of the company.

We here at CFCW care about our clients and that’s why we do the best of our abilities to make sure we don’t make mistakes with our background checks. We also fulfill our mission by providing free tips to employers so they may be able to conduct background checks on their own.

While our content and services cater to different countries, our focus at the moment is with companies in the United States. This is because they are under laws and regulations that we know for ourselves since we’re also residents of the country.

If you think our services are what you’re looking for in your company, then you can reach out to us through our Contact page. You may also subscribe to CFCW if our free content suits your needs.