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The Idaho Murders Reddit gives more information about the case history and details about this trending video.

Can you image the day you lost your best friend, whom you had called the night before? Then, one morning you wake up and discover that your friend had been murdered. It’s unbearable to hear this news. But the news was heard by Idaho University students. And the killing of four Idaho University student students shocked people in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In this Idaho Murders Reddit story, we’ll discuss the back story.

Background Story

On the 13th of November 2022, four university students were murdered by an unknown assailant. Reddit video evidence shows that CCTV footage of the incident was posted online. It appears that one unidentified suspect was watching Mogen, Goncalves and other victims close to a food truck. He then took note of all their directions. The suspect was suddenly seen talking to another man. CCTV footage was taken on November 13th at 1:40 am. Even at midnight on November 13, all four of the students were alive. However, all four were killed in the early hours of November 13th 2022.

Idaho Murders: Update

Police officers have been conducting thorough investigations into the case. They released updates that included the information that all four students were stabbed with the same knife. It belongs to the KaBar knife which is popular among US military officers.

It was referred to as the Rambo Knife, although a second update was issued hours earlier when police suspect that another person was involved. They then presented the information to the media.

Victims details and the Idaho Murders Reddit Story

Ethan Chapin was killed along with Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Knodle, Madison Mogen and Xana Goncalves. Kernodle and Goncalves were found near an off-campus homeroom. Kernodle was American. The other victims came from Idaho and nearby areas. Their brutal murder took place at the offcampus home where the three girls lived. Chapin was dating Kernodle, and Chapin does NOT live near the residence. All four of their college friends gathered at the offcampus residence on November 13, 2013. It is possible that another girl lived in this off-campus home. However, the murderer targeted four of the friends. Police are investigating.

Vandal alerts

The university alerted its students before the Idaho Murders Reddit event that an assailant had been roaming the campus. Moscow police officers were notified that a group was threatened by a young white male with a knife. It happened at the steam station parking lot and student recreation center on September 12. The University of Idaho received the news and alerted all students. Even though it was an unfortunate event, police officers have yet to identify the culprit.


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