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Snapchat Voice Changer: How to do it Snapchat is an American multimedia instant messaging service and app that was created by Snap Inc. This article will provide information on how to change your voice on Snapchat.


Snapchat, originally Snapchat Inc., is an American multimedia instant messaging service and app. Snapchat has evolved from a simple app for image sharing between people to now include “Stories”, which are 24 hour-long recordings of content. “Discover” allows brands to display ad-supported short-form content. Users can also store images in a password protected area called “my eyes only”. It also includes limited end-to-end encryption. There are programs that can expand its use in the future.

How to Change Voice on Snapchat

iOS users will find the Speaker Icon on the right side. It only allows audio to be turned on/off. Although Snapchat has removed their built-in voice changer, Android users can still use it.

There is a way to fix Snapchat’s voice changer for iOS users.

Step 1

Start Snapchat and choose the Smile Icon to the right.

Step 2

Select “Explore” when you are viewing a list Snapchat filters/Lens options.

Step 3

Enter a Search Page of Lenses/Filters and enter “Voice Changer”. You will be able to see many Lense/Filters that have the Voice Changer effect. There are also tons of sound effects.

Step 4

You can then make your video with an iOS voice changer effect by clicking the Voice Filter that you choose. This answer has a flaw. You must use the lenses to get the voice changer effect. You can use a third-party voice changer if you want to only change your voice without using the video filters.

Filme.imyfone is the reference source

Snapchat allows you to change the speed of your voice

You can make your snaps more fun and exciting by changing the speed of your voice. Snapchat allows users to speed up or slow down their voice according to their preference. You can change the speed of the video to adjust the speed of your voice. You will be amazed at how smooth Snapchat speed modifiers work.

Step 1

Open the Snapchat app on your phone. To use the front camera, double-tap the Snapchat camera to get the round-shaped Recording option.

Step 2

To start recording, tap and hold the button. The circle will be filled with a red line. The Capture button can be used to create a snap with or sans the video filter.

When the recording is complete, remove the finger.

Step 3

Swipe to the right or left of the video and you’ll see several filters that change the speed of your recorded footage. Filters like Snail and Rabbit have different speeds and can impact audio differently.

The Rabbit filter will increase the speed; the Snail will decrease it; and the Rewind will recreate the audio/video in the reverse direction.

Step 4

You can record playbacks of the filter once it is activated, so you can pay attention to the modified filter.

Step 5

The image can be further edited by adding text, stickers or drawings. To edit, select the appropriate option from the screen.

Step 6

To share your snaps with friends, tap the Blue icon.

Filme.imyfone is the reference source

Snapchat Voice-Changing Snapchat Filters

Here is a list of five Snapchat voice changer lenses you can use in 2021. You can use your favorite filters to spice up your photos and entertain your friends.

Corona Snapchat Filter

This hilarious filter transforms you into an animated coronavirus, just like the title. You can bring smiles to the faces of your friends by changing your voice and face to corona. You’ll be spreading awareness about coronavirus in a path. Although you’ll have sensors on everything, the real thing isn’t as pink as the image suggests.

Teddy Filter with Stars

This famous teddy bear filter makes you look amazing. This filter gives you some fluffy ears, a small nose and a few glasses, and transforms you into a cute teddy bear. To activate the voice-changing effect, hold down the camera button.

Cute Glasses and Face Filter

Most likely, you’ve already tried this filter. If you haven’t, imagine your head becoming super small and round with beautiful glasses. Snapchat voice changer filters makes your nose and faces smaller than the original, while making your eyes bigger. You exude a lot of cuteness.

Using Pumpkin Filter

Who doesn’t like round, pretty pumpkins? This filter will transform you into a cute, round pumpkin. It’s not your normal pumpkin. But it’ll make you look sinister and possessed. This filter will allow you to have fixed eyes, but your mouth can move when you speak. It’s a voice-changing filter.

Crazy Voice Filter

This filter will not only change your voice but also cause a lot of wrinkles to your face. You will see a change in the shape of your head, eyes and nose. Use the filter to check your voice.

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