How to choose a dark blue dress and the right makeup

Trends come and go. They change completely over time and reflect the personality of each generation. One thing was, is, and remains over the years a classic. We are talking about the color navy blue. This elegant color radiates appearance, seriousness, and even a touch of superiority, the perfect shade for all kinds of garments, bags, and accessories. Blue dresses for women are suitable for any event, be it a dinner, a wedding, etc.

If you like this color but think that you need more fashion knowledge, in this article, you will learn how to wear a dark blue dress just right, from accessories and shoes to makeup. Look at the product selection on you will definitely be satisfied!

How to wear a dark blue dress

Firstly, we must emphasize that there are different shades of navy blue. As complicated as it may seem, you must learn to determine whether the color of your blue evening gown is bright or almost tends to be black. This makes it easier for you to choose the best accessories for this format, as well as a bag.

Regardless of the length, beautiful blue dresses are ideal for almost all types of appearances. You can choose mini dresses to go out in the evening, a nice midi dress for work, or a very elegant long blue dress. 


Unless you live in a place where it is always only summer season, you must choose a jacket that matches your dress. Even in the hot season, wearing a jacket when you go out in the evening when it gets cooler is always advisable. 

Some of the best jacket colors you can combine with your dark blue dress are gray, camel, deep red, and even white if you want a particularly elegant women’s look.


Something that every woman thinks about when choosing an outfit is the shoes. Whether pumps, ankle boots, or comfortable flip-flops, there are hundreds of colors that go perfectly with a light or dark blue dress.

Look for a beige that matches your skin tone for a classic and restrained combination. And if you want something eye-catching, opt for neon-colored shoes or a flirtatious fuchsia that stands out.


Accessories are something with which many women emphasize their style, but in dark blue dresses, they can be exceptionally noticeable. 

  • The shade for the jewelry, which is particularly popular, is gold. So take your most dazzling necklaces and a few luxurious bracelets and wear them confidently. 
  • As for the handbag, we recommend trying a bag with a leopard pattern. If you see such an outfit in the mirror, you will fall a little more in love with yourself.

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