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Find out more details in Harry Belafonte’s LinkedIn information!

Harry Belafonte, a successful American pop star, passed away at 96 years old at the home he shared with his family in Manhattan. His father, Harold George Bellanfanti Sr. was a chef and housekeeper. Harry Belafonte was mostly known for his work as a civil rights advocate to fight the racial discrimination.

Following his death His fans are searching to find Harry Belafonte’s LinkedIn profile. But the LinkedIn profile is not available on the Internet as of now.

What is the reason to his passing?

Harry Belasnfonte’s spokesperson, Mr. Ken Sunshine said that the singer’s death was due to a heart condition called congestive. The spokesperson further stated that he died at his home on the 25th April 2023.

Harry Belafonte’s Obituary & Funeral!

According to reports Harry Belafonte’s family members did not reveal any information regarding the funeral or memorial ceremony. The family is keen to keep the funeral of Harry secret. But, following Harry Belafonte’s passing, many published details about Harry’s death via social networks.

A media house called BBC Breaking News shared Harry Belafonte’s obituary. The post’s caption reads Harry Belafonte’s The King of Calypso died at the age of 96.

Get the information on the details of his Family & More!

Parents- Harold George Bellanfanti Sr. & Melvine Bellanfanti. Siblings- Raymond Wright & Dennis Belafonte. Children- Shari, David, Adrienne and Gina Belafonte.

An Reddit user also posted Harry Belafonte’s funeral information on Reddit. The post was captioned by the user in the form of Harry Belafonte Dead; the actor and singer was 96.

Was Harry Belafonte Married?

Harry Belafonte faced several marriage failings, but he didn’t abandon his getting married. Harry Belafonte married Marguerite Byrd in 1948 before divorcing her in the year 1957. Then Harry got married to Julie Robinson in 1957 and divorced her in 2004. Finally, Harry got married Pamela.

Frank in 2008. There are a few sources that claim Ellen Holly was Harry Belafonte’s girlfriend too.

Harry Belafonte’s Wiki details!

The table below will give information on Harry Belafonte’s Wikipedia. If you are interested, check out the table below to find out more.

Table Real Name Harold George Bellanfanti Jr. Profession Actor, Singer & Activist. Date Of Birth 01/03/1927. Birth Place Manhattan, New York, U.S. Wife Name Marguerite Byrd, Julie Robinson and Pamela Frank. Marital Status Married. Zodiac Pisces. Age 96.

What is his Nationality?

Nationality- American. Religion- Unknown. Ethnicity- African-American.

Check Harry Belafonte’s Height & More!

Height- 1.82m. Weight- Not Known. Death- 25th April 2023.


The world mourns the loss of the famed pop singer Harry Belafonte. Many celebrities and media outlets have expressed sorrow over the death of Harry Belafonte’s passing. Watch the video clip to learn more about the cause of death for Harry Belafonte.

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