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It is possible to learn the basic rules of the game by reading the article on Google’s DreidelCom and we will attempt to address all your questions here.

Are you tired of playing the same old games? Do you want to try out some new games? You’ll enjoy this game more than you think. The players from Australia, United States, Australia, Canada as well as Brazilare attracted. This game is dubbed Dreidel com. It’s offered by GOOGLE and they’ve announced that you can play using Google Assist to play this game.

The most important information regarding the game can be found in this article published on Google’s DreidelCom. Take the time to carefully read the article so that you can be able to know more.

What exactly is Dreidel

A three-del is a rotating top that has four sides and is printed on both sides with an Hebrew letter. It is used during Hanukkah the game for children that was played. In this game, the player spins a tridel, and bet on who the Hebrew letter will be when the spinning ceases. Children can enjoy nuts, candy or dried fruit, or any other small snack along with the gelt pot, that is usually made from chocolate coins wrapped in gold-coloured thin foil.

Guidelines and Rules for Google Dreidel Com Game

  • The dreidel game is played by anyone regardless of age although children are the most likely to are the ones to play it.
  • The first dreidels, which were made in the past, were made from clay. However most modern dreidels were constructed of plastic and wood.
  • Start the game by playing your introduction to the Game.
  • There are ten to twenty pieces of candy or gelt to celebrate Hanukkah per person.
  • Only one single threedel is allowed at the same time.
  • A piece of flooring or a table needs to be a solid surface.

Players form circles at the beginning game. Google Dreidel game. It can be played at an area desk or on the ground. Each participant receives a similar amount of gelt or candy. Every participant puts one unit of gelt in”the central “pot” at the start of the game.

Engaging in gameplay

Every participant spins the threedel at least once. Every Hebrew letter has its own meaning , which is important for the play.

For example:

  • Nun: A spinner is of no effect when the threedel falls in a place without the nun facing it.
  • Gimmel: It is the spinner who takes all the pot in the event that the three-dozen falls when the gimmel is facing up.

There is more information on Google Dreidel Com below:

  • Hey The spinner gets the entire pot when the threedele is thrown with a Hey facing upwards.
  • Shin: A player puts a piece of game in the bowl if the dreidel spins with the lower leg or Hey pointed upwards.
  • A player is removed from the game if they have run through the pieces of their game.


In the end, this piece provides information on the traditional Dreidel and has discussed its rules, the occurrences and the way Google made it accessible online. To play the the Dreidal game follow here

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