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This article is about Games Medal com Tally will provide readers with the latest information on the events and ranking that will be held at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Are you taking a look at Commonwealth Games 2022? The Commonwealth Games is one of the largest and loved event for sports fans. A lot of athletes are from New ZealandAustralia as well as Australia, United Kingdom, and India and many more. were part of this event. Are you curious to know which nation is in the top spot? Games Medal com Tally will provide you with the rankings of each nation playing in this competition. Additionally, you will be aware of the date it began. Therefore, stay tuned until the close.

Commonwealth Medal Tally 2022

This year , the Commonwealth Games started on July 28th 2022. For the duration of 12 days and athletes from various parts of the globe perform the best they can for their countries. The tournament will conclude on August 8, 2022. The games will be held in England in Birmingham. In addition, we will provide updates on the position of the teams. So, stay tuned to this article.

Countries Rank in Games Medal Tally 2022

A lot of people are eagerly awaiting the commonwealth games to begin. It is a goal of all athletes to take part and earn medals for their nation. They represent their country through their performance. We will present the ranks from the best 10 nations.

  • Australia stands currently in the top spot and has 132 medals.
  • England won 118 medals.
  • Canada got 59 medals.
  • New Zealand got 37 medals.
  • Scotland has won 34 medals.
  • South Africa being in the sixth spot, received 22 medals.
  • India received 20 medals.
  • Wales has been awarded 18 medals.
  • Nigeria has been awarded 11 medals.
  • Malaysia has won 9 medals at the Games Medal com Tally.

Participation in Commonwealth Games

In the past, 72 countries participated at the games of commonwealth. To increase the awe of the game, more than 300 events have been scheduled as well as launched a women’s cricket event this year. It will be an opportunity to showcase the skills of women cricketers. Around 20 sports are planned for this tournament. Additionally, Birmingham has organized this tournament for the first time.

Medal Table in Commonwealth

In this game it is arranged by the player’s amount of gold medals he has won. Then, the total number of silver medals are considered. For Games Medal com Tally following the collection of silver medals, in order, after which bronze medals count. If a country wins the same amount of medals during the competition the two countries are awarded the same position. The difference is that Bronze awards aren’t given in women’s cycling or marathon races. However, they can be given for judo, wrestling and boxing.


In this article We have listed the entire information about the commonwealth Games 2022 and the standings of nations. Everyone is doing their best during the gamesand the Australian players are putting in their efforts into winning the top spot on the rankings. However it is waiting to be announced.

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