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This article will go over what happened in the Frisco Fair 2023 shooting, and the number of people killed in the incident.

Have you heard about the Frisco Fair in Texas? Did you go to the fair? What were some of the highlights that you saw at the fair? Are you during that Shooting at Frisco Fair, United States? There was an event in Texas which was where a shooting incident occurred. You may have heard the incident in Frisco however only a few people know the specifics.

Many people were aware of the incident via media reports So here are the details regarding what happened at the Frisco Fair 2023 Shooting; please read it until the very end.

What was the story during this year’s Frisco Fair?

Saturday night at frisco fair Frisco Fair, police detained two individuals. Two of them were suspected of a shooting incident that occurred in 2005. According to reports, police arrested the individuals at Fresco Dog Park, resulting in the death of one person.

The police also made an arrest in the same restaurant located at San Francisco. So there’s three suspects taken into custody in Frisco Fair. Frisco Fair, and one was found dead.

More details about what’s happening at the Shooting at the Frisco Fair

Two people who are accused of murder were detained in Frisco at the end of last week. According to news reports, a man was killed by another man on Wednesday. He shot and killed the victim at the complex where he lived in the Frisco neighborhood. The shooting incident was a result of four people having disagreements that led to two injuries to victims.

On the 5th of March, at around 5:17 p.m. Police were notified to investigate the incident. They received a call concerning the incident.

Timings of the Frisco Fair

The most eagerly anticipated Frisco Fair would be from Monday through Thursday, from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. Then, on Fridays, it is from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. and on Saturdays, it is open from 1 p.m. until 11 p.m. and on Sundays, from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Frisco Fair News Details

The Friso festival began on Monday, with exciting games carnival rides, food and even art. The event was attended in 2021 by an impressive 100000 people, and by 2022 it was the sole open-to-the public festival to take place North Texas after COVID. Thus, authorities expect to see an increase in attendance, and so they have increased the number of rides. Today, there are more than 80 rides, which includes Ferris wheels at the fair and rollercoaster, among others.

Who was killed at the Frisco Fair?

In the shooting, one student was killed and another was wounded at an apartment complex located in Frisco. According to reports from police 19-year-old suspects were arrested with a felony relating to shootings at the Frisco Fair Gunshots. Additionally they were also charged with felony assault. Police also ordered Artis Ray Martin be detained in police custody. Artis Ray Martin will be arrested for the Shooting which occurred on Friday night at Stewart Creek Apartments in the 7500 block of Stonebrook Parkway.


One student was fatally wounded in the Frisco Fair after a gun shot. The police suspect there were two people involved in the murder investigation were present attending the fair. The fair continues to be made.

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