Facebook Settlement Scam | Get Complete Scam Details

Discover the facts and details of Facebook Settlement Scam to know about the important dates for filing a claim, the settlement amount, Etc.

Did you hear about the Facebook fraud involving Cambridge Analytica from the United States? What were the concerns of the Facebook users about the scandal? What evidence did Facebook provide in court and what were the steps that was taken? Who is eligible to receive the settlement? What are the most important dates for the class action lawsuit? What is the settlement?

The truth about the Facebook fraud:

Facebook was in agreement in partnership with Cambridge Analytica to provide user information and stats to conduct research. But, no measures were taken to determine the data that was used through Cambridge Analytica. Therefore, Facebook users file numerous complaints against Facebook for sharing their personal data and that of their friends’ but they are not able to address their concerns addressed.

The class action lawsuit

The cases were combined, and a class-action case In re: Facebook, Inc. Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation was filed under the case number 3:18-md02843-VC (N.D. Cal.). United States District Court for the Northern District of California appointed the Honorable Vince Chhabria to oversee the Facebook Settlement Claim Scam. Derek W. Loeser and Lesley E. Weaver were the attorneys appointed to the case.

What was the reaction of Facebook?

Facebook replied to the judge that it has not altered any kind of data pertaining to users (or) the privacy of its users. The court, however, Facebook agreed to settle the matter with $725m as part of the settlement.

Who is eligible to an award?

About 230-250 million users are eligible to get the settlement money. It is believed that Facebook users who accessed the platform between May 24, 2007 between 22nd/December/2022 and 24th/May/2007 are eligible to submit claims.

How do I obtain and submit Form 2023 of the Facebook Settlement Claim Form 2023?

You can file an online claim at FacebookUserPrivacySettlement.com, You can request a claim form over the phone at 1(855)556-2233, You can request and also submit the digitally signed form via email at digitalleadsguru@gmail.com, You can request and also submit the physical copy of the signed form by post at – Facebook Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation, c/o Settlement Administrator, 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Calculation of the claim amount:

Of the $725 million 25% will be allocated to costs for legal and administrative expenses. The balance of five hundred million of settlement money will be split between the applicants. Facebook Settlement Scam fund every month of Facebook usage by the applicant will be allocated one point.

The points total accumulated by all applicants will be divided by the settlement funds net. Each applicant will be compensated in accordance with the settlement amount determined and the total points accrued by a single Facebook user.

The settlement funds will be transferred to the account of the applicant following the hearing. The exact date when the settlement fund will be credited to the account of the applicant is not stated.

What are the key clauses of the settlement contract?

When they file a claim the claimant agrees that they are not suing, and will not and will not continue to sue (or) be an integral part of any lawsuit that is related with Facebook Settlement Scam about the settlement currently in place and the allegations contained in the settlement currently being discussed.


Facebook Settlement Scam is a trending topic on web, Reddit, Twitter, and various other social media sites to discover additional details regarding the case no. 3:18-md-02843VC (N.D. Cal.) is currently active at United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco, CA, USA. The case is about Facebook sharing user information together with Cambridge Analytica. Click here for more information about the class action suit.

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