Energybills-project.Com Scam | Check Hidden Facts! Scam texts are fooling several people in many places in the UK. To be aware of this scam, please check out this post.

Are you also receiving fake messages that come from Energy bills? If yes, you should beware as this scam could also get your credentials stolen and compromise your device. Many people in the United Kingdom are getting such Scam texts. What is this text and how can it be used to steal information? For more information regarding this scam, read this article and be alert.

What is an Energy Bills Scam?

A lot of people are receiving text messages informing them that the person receiving the message can avail reduced energy bills. The text contains an email with the user and claims to offer an offer to the recipient. After the recipient clicks on the link, it redirects to a fraudulent website belonging to the Energy Bill Project. It could be harmful to your system because these hyperlinks can be infected with malware, viruses, etc.

What is the Energy Bills Support Scheme ?

The Energy bill Support Scheme is an initiative of the government that offers an PS400 discount to households who are eligible to help lower their energy bills between 2022 and 2023. Anyone who has electricity connections within Wales, Scotland, and England are also eligible for this discount. Residents are not required to visit any office or sign up. The discount will be applied on your monthly electricity bill. This discount is available for 6 months’ worth of bills starting at the end of September 2022. Residents will be eligible for discounts between October and November for PS66 and PS66 from December until March.

But, some fraudsters are misusing this scheme and sending Scam texts to the residents. However, if you’ve received a scam message You can remove the sender from your list and make a report of the message. It is best to not click on any of these hyperlinks.


To summarize this write-up We’ve advised readers to beware of scams involving phishing from the Energy Bills The Project and to take swift action against these fraudsters if you have been victimized. We have also provided specifics about this scheme of support to provide discount on your energy bill. This is an excellent initiative and those who qualify are sure to benefit from it.

What are your thoughts on Scam? Do you have any comments when you’ve received emails from scammers, and the actions you’ve taken.

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