Easy Cellar (Updated) Reviews 2022

The Easy Cellar review is for all those who are looking to build their own nuclear-safe cellar. A cellar in your home could serve many purposes. Certain families utilize it as additional storage of food items and water. Some cellars are made for other purposes also, like wine barrels used for vineyards. These days, however, many homeowners construct cellars for protection and shelter whether from human or natural threats. Cellars make great additions to any house and can be constructed right in the backyard of your home.

Some people may think that building a cellar is expensive. However, it doesn’t need to be, not when you use Easy Cellar. Easy Cellar is an easy step-by-step manual to assist ordinary people build their individual nuclear-proof cellar. Easy Cellar features the best of the different types of underground shelters and nuclear security.

What Is Easy Cellar?

Easy Cellar is a book that provides a detailed outline and illustrations of everything one needs to build an underground cellar. At a very low cost the writer Tom Griffith teaches home-owners and handymen on how to build the Easy Cellar. The book details a particular method for creating an efficient cellar for any backyard. While the construction of a traditional cellar could be constructed by carpenters or contractors, Easy Cellar is unique.

Contrary to traditional cellars that are built solely to store water and food, Easy Cellar comes with distinctive designs and structures. It borrows features that are derived from bunker designs developed within the U.S. and combines it with more sophisticated specifications. Some of the features originate from the bunkers that were effective during wartime that were used in members of the Viet Cong during Vietnam. Easy Cellar takes the best of these styles, and includes the traditional root cellars to give owners the very best.

Research And Design

After a long and arduous process of study, design, and tests by the author Tom Griffith, the result is as good as it sounds. It’s a simple to build cellar which can not only help save the water and food stocks but as well the lives of the owners. Easy Cellar is an all-in-one backyard solution for homeowners. It safeguards food, water as well as other valuable assets against the weather. It shields families and people from dangers, and ensures their safety in times of emergency. In particular, Easy Cellar trumps others because of its design which ensures that people are safe from radiation.

The design is supported by Tom Griffith’s knowledge and knowledge of radiation and nuclear inspection. It’s among the first commercial efforts to make nuclear fallout accessible to everyone. With the aid with Easy Cellar, everyone can benefit from the safety in a safe nuclear bunker within the privacy of their backyard. Additionally, Easy Cellar can be constructed at a cost of just over $400 in construction materials. The cost-effective alternative to expensive built-to-order bunkers is suitable to fit in with almost every American residence.

Who Is Tom Griffith?

The person behind this Easy Cellar idea is an writer as well as nuclear engineer Tom Griffith. Alongside his partner Jerry, Tom Griffith created the concept that may save lives around the globe. Easy Cellar isn’t just about making a traditional underground cellar, the fact that it can function as a food storage unit in a similar way. It’s about creating a safe and secure addition to your backyard that can ward off flood and fire, as well as nuclear radiation.

Tom Griffith’s blueprints for his Easy Cellar design are printed in a manner that is simple to understand. The videos included also demonstrate the steps-by-step procedure to show how Easy Cellar is built. With Jerry’s 24/7 support and experience, this will ensure you that Easy Cellar is exactly that is simple. Tom Griffith made use of his experience in nuclear inspection to create an atomic-proof basement accessible to all. In case of emergencies or disasters regardless of whether they’re nuclear or not, Easy Cellar gives security and protection to homeowners. This is why he did several years of hard-working research and testing to create Easy Cellar. Multi-purpose and nuclear proof bunker that anyone could construct within their own backyard.

What Will You Learn From Easy Cellar?

Easy Cellar will teach homeowners how to construct their own individual Easy Cellar. With step-by-step directions as well as instructional videos, users will be able to learn a lot from this book. The book is extensive, covering a wide range of subjects, from basic to the most sophisticated. Easy Cellar teaches home-owners basic woodworking and carpentry. It also addresses the issue of surveying in order to determine the most suitable plot of ground to construct. The most important thing is that Easy Cellar teaches home-owners how to plan effectively for disasters and emergency situations.

Tom Griffith is also the author of numerous other books on the preparation for disasters. A few publications are included in every purchase made with Easy Cellar. Customers who purchase Easy Cellar from their website will get complimentary copies of two additional Tom Griffith books. The first one is ” 56 Items That You Should Stockpile In Your Easy Cellar“. The book Tom Griffith provides survival guidelines on the most crucial things you should have inside the Easy Cellar. The second book is titled, ” America’s Natural Nuclear Bunkers“. In the book, Griffith describes natural caves and landmarks which provide the same level of protection to that of a nuclear bunker.

Bonus Guides

With these two guidebooks, homeowners will gain more knowledge about disaster and survival. 56 Things to Have In The Easy Cellar teaches resource values and the immediate requirements during emergencies. By providing owners with guidance as to the items to store, Easy Cellar further equips owners with the necessary tools to manage any scenario. America’s Nuclear Bunkers On contrary is ideal for those who travel throughout the U.S. Its owners can find shelter if they’re away from their home.

From simple survival tips to practical knowledge in woodworking and building, Easy Cellar equips home-owners with the necessary knowledge. This information can assist those who to store and stockpile their resources effectively. It could help them to create a sense of safety as well as security for their home. This knowledge could aid their family and friends to survive any threatening situations or encounters.

Easy Cellar Pros and Cons

Easy Cellar is the ultimate backyard solution for people who wish to be prepared for the worst. It’s the perfect product, and will not please all. If you’re wanting for a basement or bunker for around $400, Easy Cellar is the ideal choice.


  • Step-by-step guide to creating a nuclear-safe cellar
  • A crisp and clear PDF layout. No damage and wear of guidebooks and paperbacks
  • Instructional videos included
  • Includes a survival guide to food and other resources
  • One-time, single payment for an entire lifetime of benefits
  • Two other books written of Tom Griffith:
    56 Items That You Should Stockpile in Your Easy Cellar
    and America’s Natural and Nuclear Bunkers and America’s Natural Nuclear Bunkers: Find the Nearest one to your home
  • Always On-Call Customer Support for 24/7 Help
  • 60-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Elusive Discounts up to 75% Off


  • Electronic Copies Only
  • Only Available Online
  • Involves Honest Work and Manual Labor
  • Might Be Too Easy for Some

Does Easy Cellar Work?

Easy Cellar presents home-owners with an affordable alternative to costly nuclear-proof shelters. Therefore, the main issue for all homeowners is “Does it work?” The answer is Yes. Easy Cellar is built and created using actual science and decades of field knowledge. Tom Griffith, author, and the creator of the Easy Cellar program used to be an inspector of nuclear radiation. He was a long-term researcher and working with radiation from nuclear sources both in theoretical and practical.

Based on his knowledge, Tom Griffith and his partner, Jerry, created the design of The Easy Cellar, including modified air filters. The filters, with a little tweaking, now work similar to a nuclear filter. It not only kept out radiation from nuclear sources, but it also effectively removed biochemical compounds also. The greatest aspect about Easy Cellar is that it can accomplish all of this and much more at the cost of less than $400.