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Here you can find out more about Dustin Harker’s death and obituary. Dustin Harker was a physician who died heroically while saving his young daughter from a capsized boat.

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Dr. Dustin B. Harker, a well-known neurologist in Hutchinson Kansas, is an expert in the field. He has a wealth experience between 11-20 year in this field. Dr. Harker received his medical degree at the prestigious Medical College of Ohio. This solidified his knowledge and skill in the diagnosis of and treatment of neurological disorders.

Dr. Harker is a neurology specialist with extensive knowledge of the complex workings and interactions between the brain, spinal chord, peripheral nerves (muscles), and the autonomic nervous systems. His holistic approach allows him to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions including headaches, strokes, dementia, seizures and epilepsy. He also treats sleep disorders and neuromuscular disease.

Dr. Harker is a trusted provider of healthcare in Hutchinson because of his dedication to his patients, and his commitment to stay abreast with the latest advancements. His compassion and expertise have made a positive impact on the lives of many people who are facing neurological challenges.

Dustin Harker Death Notice and Obituary

Dr. Dustin Harker from Hutchinson tragically died in a water-rafting accident. Dr. Harker, who spent over a decade helping others heal, lost his life while on a whitewater trip with church friends. Dr. Harker saved his daughter from drowning by tossing the capsized raft over her. He had taken in so much water that he was unable to respond.

Dr. Harker was a father of thirteen children and had just joined the Hutchinson Clinic in early 2022 as a neurologist. He was known for his compassion and care for his patients. He made it his priority to involve them in their treatment plans and put them first. He was board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and possessed a solid academic background. This included a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience from Brigham Young University and a Medical Degree from the Medical University of Ohio, Toledo.

Dr. Harker, who was born in Alberta, Canada, has always been fascinated with life science. As a child he preferred nature shows to cartoons. He worked at various places throughout his career including Colorado Springs in Colorado, Coon Rapids in Minnesota, and Layton in Utah. The Hutchinson Clinic staff and colleagues admired his dedication to his career and patients.

The tragic death of Dr. Harker has affected his family, his friends and the entire community. Hutchinson Clinic mourns the death of a respected individual. The clinic, which includes more than 100 doctors and advanced practice providers in addition to other medical professionals, has over 100 physicians. Cheryl Gonsalves expressed the sorrow of everyone at the clinic and sent their prayers and thoughts to Dr. Harker’s family, patients, and friends.

The community has rallied to help the Harker family in light of this tragic event. The family created a GoFundMe to receive financial support, and a Facebook group named “Support Dustin Harker’s Family” was formed to share messages of love and support. The family appreciates the support they have received, including prayers, comments and comforting words.

The love Dr. Harker had for his children could be seen in the way that he loved to play games with them, go on adventures outdoors, and create happy memories. These moments will be cherished by his children, who range in age from four to 23.

The family is asking for privacy during this difficult time and a place to grieve. The family is grateful for the support and understanding of the community. The legacy of Dr. Dustin Harker as a compassionate doctor, devoted dad, and beloved community member will live on in those who loved and knew him.

Dustin Harker Obituary

Dr. Dustin Harker was a highly respected physician from Hutchinson who met an untimely death in a tragic accident in Colorado while on a recreational trip. We mourn the death of a remarkable person whose commitment to healing others stretched over a decade. The unwavering dedication of Dr. Harker to his profession, and the selfless act he performed to save his children from the dangers of the accident is a testament to his courage and character.

Born in Alberta, Canada in 1949, Dr. Harker was fascinated by life science from an early age. He chose nature shows over cartoons as a child. His passion for life science led him to embark on an academic journey that culminated in a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience from Brigham Young University, and a Medical Degree from the Medical University of Ohio. After completing his residency in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah, he developed his medical skills in Colorado Springs and Coon Rapids in Minnesota, and Layton in Utah.

Dr. Harker, who is board certified by the prestigious American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology became a member of the medical profession, and was known for his compassion in patient care. He always put the needs of the patients first, and encouraged them to be active participants in their treatment. He demystified neurological diseases through clear, empathic communication. This enabled patients to confidently navigate their healthcare journeys.

Early in 2022, Dr. Harker assumed the role of neurology at the Hutchinson Clinic. He quickly won over his colleagues and staff with his genuine concern and care for patients. Cheryl Gonsalves is the marketing manager at the clinic. She remembers him fondly as a beloved friend and a colleague who was universally respected for professionalism and dedication to his patients’ well-being.

Tragically, Dr. Harker lost his life tragically during a whitewater excursion in June. The raft capsized as Dr. Harker and his four children navigated treacherous rapids with friends from his local church. Dr. Harker, demonstrating his unwavering devotion and protective instincts, selflessly freed his youngest daughter from the entangled boat. He succumbed despite his valiant attempts to the overwhelming force of the water.

This devastating loss has affected Dr. Harker’s family, his friends and the entire community. Hutchinson Clinic’s over 100 doctors and advanced practitioners mourn the loss of a respected and revered member. The profound impact Dr. Harker had on his patients’ and colleagues’ lives will remain as an indelible legacy.

The Harker family requests space and privacy to grieve during this difficult time. A GoFundMe account has been created to help the family financially in recognition of all the support they have received from the community. A Facebook group called “Support Dustin Harker’s Family” was also created to allow people to express their support and comfort. The family is grateful for all the love, prayers and comforting words that have been expressed during this difficult time.

The memory of Dr. Dustin Harker will live on in the hearts and minds of all those touched by his selfless heroism, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Let us honor and remember his contribution to healing as the medical community mourns his loss.

Hutchinson Clinic physician dies

Hutchinson Clinic announces with deep sadness the premature death of Dr. Dustin Harker. A highly respected and dedicated physician, Dr. Harker passed away in Colorado. Dr. Harker died tragically in a Colorado water rafting incident, where he bravely saved his own children before succumbing. The unwavering dedication of Dr. Harker to his patients and medical profession will be forever remembered.

Dr. Harker’s career in medicine was marked by a passion for the life sciences. He was born in Alberta, Canada. From an early age he showed a fascination for the subject, choosing nature shows over cartoons. He was driven by his thirst for knowledge to attend Brigham Young University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience. He continued his education at Toledo’s Medical University of Ohio, where he received his medical degree.

After completing his residency in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah, Dr. Harker began a career that took him to Colorado Springs, Colorado, Coon Rapids Minnesota, and Layton Utah. In early 2022, Dr. Harker joined the Hutchinson Clinic as a neurologist. His genuine concern for his patients, and dedication to their wellbeing was evident from the moment he entered the clinic.

His unwavering belief that the patient comes first characterized Dr. Harker’s approach to patient-care. He actively involved patients in their treatment plan, explaining complex neurological conditions to them in a compassionate manner. His philosophy encouraged his patients to be active participants in their own healthcare, giving them a sense empowerment.

It is impossible to overstate the impact Dr. Harker had at Hutchinson Clinic. His staff and colleagues remember him as an exceptional colleague and a beloved friend who nurtured remarkable relationships with everyone that he met. Cheryl Gonsalves spoke about his care for patients and ability to lift others up. The loss of Dr. Harker has affected his entire staff who held him in high regard.

Dr. Harker was killed in a tragic water rafting incident on June 9, while on a trip with his church friends. He saved his daughter despite the stormy conditions by pulling the capsized raft from which she was trapped. He himself was unable to survive the storm and was unable to be revived despite all efforts.

The death of Dr. Harker had a profound effect on his family, close friends and the entire community. Hutchinson Clinic is a prominent medical facility with more than 100 doctors and advanced practitioners. They mourn the loss of a highly respected member. The legacy of Dr. Harker as a compassionate doctor and loving father will live on in the hearts of all those who knew him.

The Harker family asks for privacy and time to grieve during this difficult time. A GoFundMe account was set up to help the family through this difficult time. A Facebook group named “Support Dustin Harker Family” was created to allow people to share comforting messages.

Harker’s family has been deeply moved by the outpouring of prayers, love and support from their community. The family is incomparably grateful for all the kindness they have received. The memory of Dr. Dustin Harker will last forever, and his impact in the medical field and on the lives that he touched will not be forgotten. Hutchinson Clinic mourns a great physician’s loss. His colleagues, patients and friends will cherish his compassion and unwavering commitment to others.

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