Dragon Festival Boat 2022 {July} Know About Lunar Month Festival!

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Are you aware of the fact that it is the time that Dragon Festival is celebrated? It is among the most well-known festivals in the Chinese customs. It is a popular festival in China. Dragon festival is observed on the 5th day of the Lunar month, and also on five days of this lunar month which falls in May’s final day as per the Gregorian calendar.

It is held across Asian countries. The festival is under discussions across the US states in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom,and Malaysia. This article is about Dragon Festival Boat 2022. Be sure to go through the article to find out the essential information.

Dragon Boat Festival 2022

The festival is famous for commemorating the passing of Qu Yuan, who was a famous poet. He was famous for his patriotic sentiments and his classical poetry. The festival was originally referred to as the medical festival because it was commemorated to fight deadly insects and other diseases.

The festival of this year takes new ways of doing things in celebration of the outbreak that swept all over the world. The arrival of summer could make people sick and the celebration is meant to commemorate the good health of people.

Denver Dragon Boat Festival 2022

The website Cdbf.Org provides all the essential details about the festival. The venue will be Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver, and the theme of the festival will be”The Year of the Tiger Celebration. The ceremony for the opening and race schedule are listed on the site.

It’s also known as it the Double Fifth Festival or Dumpling Festival. If you want to purchase tickets to participate in the festival, go to Cdbf. Org. In Cdbf. Org, you will find additional details as well. However, before you visit the website, we must confirm the authenticity of Cdbf. Org.

Cdbf. Org Legitimacy Points

  • Event’s Time:We get to see that Denver Dragon Boat Festival 2022 will begin on the 23rd July, and will run through the 24th of July.
  • Festival Time:Both on 23rd and 24th July, the boats begin racing at 8 AM. On the 23rd of July the time for the festival is from 10 AM until 7 PM and on the 24th the time of the event is from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Trust Index: The authenticity of the website Cdbf.org is estimated to be 88%..
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  • Website Ranking: The algorithm used by the Scam’s Detective provides the rank of a business as 100/100.

Dragon Festival Boat 2022Trending Facts

The festival is taking an innovative approach, since it’s held to commemorate and fight disease and suffering. Because the world has been afflicted by the pandemic, this is an indication to fight it. The official website identifies the date of the celebration as July 23rd and 24thof July, 2022.

Therefore, the festival is worldwide celebrated by a variety of nations. Many people around the world have purchased raffle tickets on the site. This year , no shuttles are being offered.


We can conclude that Dragon Festival Boat 2022 is among the most well-known Chinese celebrations. But, we haven’t received any reviews for Cdbf. Org By analyzing other ratings, we are able to affirm that it is an authentic website and anyone wanting to be part of the festival must go through the website.