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This article contains information about Doug Mulray Family and the causes of his death. Who is Doug Mulray What happened to Doug Mulray Doug Mulray is an Australian television and radio personality. His quick, funny, and humorous humour entertained viewers for many decades. In Sydney, Doug Mulray, a veteran radio host, died. To learn more about Mulray’s death, family details and personal details, please visit Doug Mulray Family article.

Doug Mulray’s Death

At 71 years old, Mr Doug Mulray, a veteran television and radio presenter, has died. The death of Doug Mulray has not been publicly announced. Mulray’s passing was however confirmed. Mulray died Friday, 31 March 2023. He stated that he wanted to spend some time in ICU, and made this statement in the hospital’s ICU on the 30th of March 2023. Sydney Hospital confirmed that Doug Mulray had died from a chronic illness that he suffered for several months.

Doug Mulray is a well-known author.

Doug Mulray, a well-known broadcaster, has passed away. The Sydney doctors confirmed this. Mulray was born 1st of December 1951. Mulray had a long career in radio and TV. After completing his broadcasting training, he started his career at 2AD. It is located at Armidale. In a Central Coast role, he started his career in 2GO Gosford. Doung Mulray played Mulray and the man on 3AW Melbourne in 1970. This article contains information only. We don’t promote any illegal content.

Doug Mulray Wife

Doug Mulray was a well-known comedian and personality on radio and television. Mulray was born in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Mulray was a multitalented comedian and writer who had a profound impact on the country’s entertainment industry. Mulray was born in Sydney in 1949.

He was a teacher before he entered the radio entertainment industry. Mulray was first popularized on Triple M’s Doug Mulray Breakfast Show in 1980. He quickly became a well-known personality and a household name. Mulray married Liz Muir. Mulray was supported by Liz Muir Doug Mulray all through his career.

Doug Mulray Children

According to sources Mulray has been married twice. Lynette was his first wife. They had twin children. One is a boy and one is girl. Murray’s son is Thomas and Rosemary is his daughter. Mulray and Lynette were divorced. Both Mulray’s children are talented. Thomas, his son, is a producer as well as a musician. Rosemary, his daughter, is an artist and illustrator.

Both children follow in the footsteps of their father’s creative footsteps. Mulray’s two children, Mulray and Mulray, have followed their father’s artistic footsteps. Mulray mentioned in most interviews that he was proud of the Doug Mulray Twins.

More on Doug Mulray Doug Mulray was a New Zealander born in Auckland. Mulray moved to Sydney in his youth with his family. Brent is his brother. The details of his parents are not known.


Doug Mulray, the funniest and most talented veteran Sydney radio host, has passed away at 71. You can find out more about Doug Mulray, the Radio Legend at this link.

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