Did Babs Die | {Aug} Know Her Full Health Condition!

Read the article to the very end to learn more about Whitney’s battle because of Babs medical illness. Also, find out how Babs died..

Are you a big fan of My Big Fat Fabulous Life series that aired on prime-quality video throughout Canada as well as the United States? The main character in the show will be Whitney Way Thore. The story is based around her struggles with Whitney throughout her life. She is a dancer who is overweight.

The show was first introduced in the year 2015. The show is rated 3.4/5 rating IMBD ratings, and Google reviews indicate that 78% viewers enjoyed the show. Let’s see how it performed. Did Babs die?

Status of Babs:

Season 10 was initially focused on health issues facing family members in the Thore family. Babs Whitney’s mother was in serious condition. But the most recent show was a glimpse of Babs getting a remarkable recovery. She was released from hospital and then celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary Glenn! We will find out what transpired with Babs in the following section.

Health Timeline problems Babs is confronted with:

Since the start on season 10 in the My Big Fat Fabulous Life series, it’s been proven that Whitney is in a state of distress in her health, as the health in her extended family deteriorates. So, let’s see did Babs Thore die? Babs’s day was normal as seen in the first episode. Glenn her husband went out to get lunch for her, and returned in about an hour. What was the reason for finding that Babs was asleep.

Babs was taken to the hospital when doctors told them that she suffered a heart attack and stroke issue. After further incidents the doctors discover the fact that Hunter, Glenn, and Babs have been tested for covid. Therefore, they all must remain in isolation until they recover. Fortunately, Whitney tested negative. Therefore, Whitney was the sole member of the family that could get to visit Babs.

Health condition and other information on Did Babs Die? :

The entire series revealed her struggles with Whitney because she was devastated because of her mother’s health as well as other family members. It got even worse when her doctors told her that Babs wasn’t taking her medication and food. Therefore, they needed to put in a feeding tube.

As the story progresses the health status of Babs gets worse as she develops an infection in her urinary tract. The viewers began to be curious when doctors recommended Whitney to go to a palliative treatment facility. A palliative care center is recommended for patients with serious illnesses.

Why did viewers want to be aware What happened to Babs die ?

The suspense builds as Whitney claims that doctors suggested that they remove the feeding tube used for Babs in order to starve her to death. Whitney was devastated.


As you are aware, when the sequence of incidents that brought negative news about Babs viewers were curious to know whether Babs ultimately died. She had a stroke as well as a cardiac problem, and was found to be positive for covid, and suffers from an infection in her urinary tract.