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This article is about Chris Redd Kenan Fox Thompson Wife. It informs users about a long-term, loving relationship between a celebrity and a woman who has since broken up.

Redd and Christina are dating? People across the United States are talking about Redd and Christina, according to reports. Christina Evangeline, Kenan Thompson’s estranged wife, is currently in a relationship. Chris Redd was formerly a Saturday Night Live star. This guide will provide more information about Christina and her relationship Chris Redd Kenan Thompson wife.

Are Christina Redd, Chris Redd, in a relationship?

The informant says that Chris and Christina, 33 years old, met “before Redd began performing in SNL” and started a relationship at start of year. They’ve been friends for many decades. They have had a strong bond. He was there for her through some of the most difficult situations of her life. She seemed more happy than ever. According to Reddit’s source, Chris’s connection is sweet and normal.

Are Kenan & Christina still together?

Some fans thought that Chris’ firing was caused by Kenan’s actions after Christina and Chris were spotted together in New York City.

Kenan and Christina hoped to get divorced in 2019 after their six-year friendship. They also planned to have different lifestyles. Chris and Christina, who co-starred in Kenan’s sitcom on NBC, have had six years of friendship. They also maintained a high degree of respect as evidenced by Twitter.

Why has Kenan stopped returning to SNL?

According to some reports, this is far from the truth. Chris claimed that he left due to several impending endeavors. These include an HBO Max stand up special and a collaboration for an Audible project with Lorne Michals.

Thompson is aware that he is in an ex-relationship to Redd. However, he doesn’t take it personally as he has stepped outside and is seeing other people. Christina’s net worth is 800k dollars.

Will Christina, Kenan have a joint parenting relationship?

Christina and Kenan made the decision to end their 11 year-long marriage early this year. The star filed paperwork to declare the divorce in May 2022. Christina and Kenan also agreed to share custody. They are still coparents in good standing and plan to spend the holidays with their daughters and celebrate their birthdays together. They still support each other even though they split. Their divorce is currently pending.

Why is Kenan and Christina featured in the headlines?

Kenan Thompson, his long-term partner, announced that he was divorcing Christina Evangeline. But, not much else was published about the topic after the initial announcement. Divorces in Hollywood are quite common. However, rumors that she was seeing Chris Redd from SNL, his co-star, made people more interested. It’s hard to find a topic that people enjoy discussing more than a broken relationship. This relationship breakdown is actually much simpler than it looks in writing if you believe the most recent stories.

Did Chris, His Girlfriend Kenan and Their Show Return?

Kenan Thompson returned for Saturday Night Live’s 20th season, but not Chris Redd. Season 48 was broadcast two weeks earlier and featured several new hosts.

He stated that his intention to remain at the show for the next 50 seasons is to be there. We can then anticipate ceremonies and possibly an episode from the beloved old cast members returning.


Chris Redd and Kenan Thomson are hot topics as Christina’s relationship with Chris becomes public. You can watch more about Chris Redd and Kenan Thomson here.

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