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This article provides an obituary for Chris Kiskeravage, the retired assistant chief of training at the Allentown Fire Department.

Who is Chris Kiskeravage?

Chris Kiskeravage, a firefighter of great influence and respect in the service, was one of the most respected figures. He made significant contributions over a long career to the Allentown Fire Department, and beyond. Kiskeravage was the assistant chief of training at the Allentown Fire Academy. He transformed the academy into a highly regarded institution, known for its detailed and rigorous training programs.

His passion for firefighting and dedication to training influenced countless professional and volunteer firefighters not only in Lehigh Valley, but all over Pennsylvania. Kiskeravage had an impact that went beyond his work in the fire service. He was the first full-time Fire Commissioner for South Whitehall Township.

Kiskeravage was also recognized for his expertise outside of his local community. He taught firefighters from all over the world at Bucks County Community College under a contract with U.S. Department of Defense.

Kiskeravage has received many accolades throughout his career for his outstanding service. These include the City of Easton Firefighter of the year award in 1994, and the City of Allentown Alfred W. Fischl Firefighter Services award in 2018. Kiskeravage’s dedication, commitment, and leadership to the fire service had a lasting effect on those who worked with him and were trained by him.

Chris Kiskeravage Obituary

We announce with heavy hearts the death of Chris Kiskeravage. He was a beloved family member of the Allentown Fire Department. Chris left this world following a courageous battle with cancer. His unwavering commitment, leadership and passion for his job will be forever remembered by all those whose lives were touched.

Chris was the retired assistant chief of training for the Allentown Fire Academy. He left an indelible impression on the academy. The academy was transformed under his leadership into a premier facility, known for its attention to detail and rigorous training programs. Chris’s dedication to excellence has influenced many firefighters, both professionals and volunteers in the Lehigh Valley, but also outside of it.

Chris served the Allentown Fire Department as a firefighter for 23 years. He shared his knowledge and expertise with other departments in Pennsylvania where he mentored and trained firefighters and EMS personnel.

Chris Kiskeravage left a lasting legacy in the firefighting world. Throughout his career, he received many accolades, including the City of Easton Alfred W. Fischl Award for Firefighter Services in 2018 and the Heroism Award the same year. The commitment to service he showed and the unwavering devotion he had to his fellow firefighter will be remembered forever.

We mourn Chris Kiskeravage’s death, but we should also remember the many lives he touched and the impact he had on the Allentown Fire Department. Our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with his family, colleagues, and friends during this difficult period.

We hope that his spirit will continue to inspire us, as we carry forward his legacy of professionalism, service, and compassion. Thank you for your dedication to serving and protecting others. Rest in peace.

Chris Kiskeravage’s Death

Chris Kiskeravage has tragically passed away aged 56. He was a beloved firefighter and former chief of the Allentown Fire Department. After a brave battle against cancer, his death has left the department and academy in deep sorrow. Kiskeravage was widely recognized for his significant contributions to the academy as assistant chief for Training. He transformed it into an institution renowned for its rigorous, meticulous training programs.

His impact on the firefighter community was profound, affecting countless firefighters in the Lehigh Valley as well as beyond. The firefighting community was deeply saddened by the news of Chris Kiskeravage’s death. His leadership and dedication have made a lasting impression on the Allentown Fire Department, and the firefighters that he trained.

His unwavering dedication to excellence, and his tireless efforts in ensuring the safety and readiness of firefighters throughout the region will be remembered. Chris Kiskeravage’s loss is felt by all of his friends and colleagues in the firefighting industry.

Chris Kiskeravage Death

Chris Kiskeravage passed away after a long battle with cancer. His courageous fight against the disease has saddened both the department and the members who will remember his expertise and dedication to service.

According to the source’s statement, Chris Kiskeravage died of cancer. Kiskeravage died at age 56 after a long, courageous battle. The department and academy are mourning his death after a long and courageous battle against cancer.

Kiskeravage will be remembered for his contributions to the fire department and his dedication to training by his colleagues, as well as the entire firefighting community that he has influenced over the course of his career. It is important to remember the impact that he had and the legacy he left behind.

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