Brian White Murder Suicide | Find Full Update Here!

This Brian White Murder Suicide post will bring back the 11-year-old murders and suicide events.

Do you know about the Livonia murder and suicide case?

Murder-Suicide Case: Brian Douglas White

Brian White Murder Suicide. According to online sources the victim was a 19 year old boy who shot his mother and ex-girlfriend and killed himself.

Brian White Obituary

Brian White Murder Suicide: According to online sources Brian White was only 19 years old when he killed and wounded two people. They are currently searching for Brian’s obituary. Unfortunately, it is not yet online.

Brian White Murder Suicide

Brian White Murder Suicide. Online sources say that Brian White was in an affair with Desiree Staperfine (17 years) and then broke into Angela Kim Staperfene’s home (196) and killed Jacob Lee Burns (19year), Desiree Staperfine’s new boyfriend.

Desiree shared her story with them about her mother’s murder and her boyfriend’s suicide.


Brian White Suicide, This concludes the post about Brian White’s murder/suicide case. Everyone was shocked by this double murder case.

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