Best Deoxys Form Pokemon | Find It With Stats!

We will be discussing the best deoxys form Pokemon, it’s weakness, best raid hours and answering more questions through this post.

Do you know when Deoxys returns to Pokemon Go Are you looking to reap the rewards of five-star Raids? Do you think you’ve used the best of them or made a bad decision?

Deoxys’ limited-time return is making players excited in the United States. Learn more about Best Pokemon Form Deoxys.

What are Deoxy’s raid hours?

Season of Light: Pokemon Go will see Deoxys of any form return to five-star Raids starting September 1. They are more likely to be encountered during the raid hour. Deoxy can be found in Raid hour if you are active between September 7 and September 7. It is best to be active between 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday to catch legendary Pokemon. It is the best method to catch them before the game ends.

What’s the Best Deoxys For Pokemon Go?

Which Deoxy is the best of all the available? Let’s first examine the stats, then we’ll decide which Deoxy is the best.

  • Normal Deoxys – Stamina: 137 / Attack: 345 / Defense: 115 / Max CP: 3573
  • Defense Deoxys – Stamina: 137 / Attack: 144 / Defense: 330 / Max CP: 2570
  • Speed Deoxys – Stamina: 137 / Attack: 230 / Defense: 218 / Max CP: 3255
  • Attack Deoxys – Stamina: 137 /Attack: 414 / Defense: 46 / Max CP: 2916

The best Deoxys form Pokemon is Defense. Normal, however is the worst type of Deoxy.

We say this because Defense Stats 330 are the highest selection. Even though it only has attack stats 144, it can still blow the enemy apart.

What is Deoxys and Pokemon GO?

These mythical Psychic Pokemons are legendary. A laser beam can trigger a sudden mutation in the DNA of space viruses, which results in Deoxys. This Pokemon’s brain appears as a crystal organ in its chest.

People often enquire Is Deoxys Good in Pokemon Go? Deoxys, one of the strongest Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, is a powerful attacker. The attacks of each form include

  • Normal Form: Hyper Beam and Zen Headbutt
  • Defense Form: Counter, Thunderbolt
  • Speed Form: Thunderbolt, Zen Headbutt,
  • Attack Form: Zen Headbutt or Zap Cannon


Deoxys make a comeback in the game. Catch them as soon as possible. There are also Spotlight hour events in September. You should take advantage of these opportunities. For more information about Deoxys, click here.

Do you now know which Pokemon are the best Deoxys? Let us know if this post helped you to decide the best Deoxys.

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