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This article provides details about the web portal and its specialties in Chinese food according to Beijing dumpling reviews.

Do you love eating Beijing dumplings? Do you know where to find the best dumplings? This article will tell you.

You are looking for. This restaurant serves delicious dumplings. This restaurant was established in the United Kingdom.

This article will discuss the details of the dumplings offered by the restaurant as well as information about Beijing Dumpling Reviews. Follow the blog for more information.

Customer Reviews:

The website’s web portal does not include reviews as it is still under construction. The Alexa global rank for the webpage is #3409258. The webpage is also available on social media. There are positive ratings and reviews on both social pages as well as online websites.

Details on

This restaurant is one of the best in London. The restaurant has a web portal that provides information about the menus. You can also order your desired menu online. Beijing Dumpling London is known for its delicious Chinese food. The dumplings were delicious. The website is currently unavailable due to technical issues.

The worthiness of

The customer should thoroughly research the website and the foods it offers before placing an order. Below are more details that will allow you to verify the legitimacy of the website.

  • Date of introduction for the Web portal: The webpage was created on 06/07/2011.
  • Alexa Global rank: This web portal’s Alexa rank is #3409258.
  • Trust Score: The webpage’s trust score is around 80%.
  • Rate of copied content: 40% is the rate at which duplicate content is found on the web portal.

The website features as per Beijing Dumpling Review:

  • The Webpage URL: The start of
  • The web portal: This webpage was created on 06/07/2011.
  • Website expiration: The webpage expires on 06/07/2023.
  • Email id:
  • Address: Beijing Dumpling 23 Lisle Street London WC2H7BA is the website’s address.
  • Its telephone number is 020 72876888.


The web portal offers delicious Chinese food. The website is still in construction. Click this link to learn more about Chinese dumplings. The Beijing Dumpling Reviews has all the details.

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