AWS Amazon Partner Network Welcomes ProwlerPro as a New Partner

Prowelrpro has made an official announcement that the company has become a partner of the AWS Amazon Partner Network. PrwlerPro is a reliable and globally used security tool that is used by professional security providers. AWS review was conducted for the ProwlerPro to vouch the enterprise readiness of its products. The report validates that the Prowler security tool is a complete and easily serviceable AWS security platform. It has not only become a registered ally of APN but also launched multi-account support for AWS. 

The launch of this feature has reinforced the already industry-leading suite of security features of the Prowler security tool. It also provides security professionals with an effective security tool that can work across AWS accounts without facing any hindrance. The enterprise grading of products automates the analysis, discovery, and insight of the security stance of a whole cloud. It also helps in the organization of automated inspections, incident response, and penetration testing for security assessment. 

“We could not be more excited to announce our membership in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Partner Network and the launch of the AWS Multi-Account Support feature,” said Toni de la Fuente, lead of ProwlerPro and creator of Prowler Open Source. “Our goal at ProwlerPro is to give cloud security professionals tools to ensure their systems remain secure and reliable, with all threats detected and traced in an easy to understand, streamlined solution. Our acceptance in the AWS Amazon Partner Program is an endorsement of the work we’ve done to date, and will allow us to offer more features, products, and community services that enhance what was already a best in class product on the market.”

APN is a global network of AWS allies that utilize the programs, skills, and resources for the construction, marketing, and selling of user offerings. After becoming an APN ally, ProwlerPro has joined a network of more than 100,000 partners who are connecting from 150 countries and states. They all work together to provide resourceful solutions, solve technical problems, grab deals, and add value to shared customers. 

“ProwlerPro’s advanced threat detection capabilities and dedication to cloud security are unparalleled,” said Casey Rosenthal, CEO of Verica. “The inclusion of ProwlerPro in APN, and the launch of the AWS Multi-Account support is a validation of the platform’s momentum, and we are excited to leverage that momentum to bring security to more cloud environments every day.”

About ProwlerPro

ProwlerPro is an advanced cloud platform built on the Prowler Open Source tool. It aims to simplify and enhance AWS security and cater to the needs of modern SaaS. The tool provides organizations with a feature-rich dashboard, personalized support, and continuous monitoring among other benefits.