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Aura Frame Does Not Display Pictures Aura is a smart picture frame that will decorate your home with gorgeous photos of family and friends. The app allows users to upload photos and it will automatically add any new images. Many users have trouble with Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures while using this app. Here is how to fix Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures.

Aura Frame

Aura is a smart picture frame that will decorate your home with photos of family and friends. To connect your frame to the internet, you can use Aura Frame’s app. You can also choose the folders, photos, and collections you want to display on your frame. Your family members could also be asked to post their photos to your frame. This app allows you to upload photo albums and automatically add new photos.

Aura Frame Does Not Display Pictures

There are many reasons why your Aura Frame may not show pictures. These are the solutions to the problem of Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures.

1 Check the File Format

You can fix the Aura frame that doesn’t show pictures problem by changing the file format. You will need to convert it into a jpeg.

  • The problem will be resolved if you modify the file format, then upload the file to the frame again.
  • Many programs can convert images to obtain a desired response. You can also use jp2, BMP and png files.
  • If you are using another format, please switch to those options. These images can be converted online using your browser. You should only use a trusted converter as there are very few alternatives that will significantly reduce the image quality.2 Permit Photo AccessThe Aura Frames Android or iOS app can be installed and accessed without you having to grant it access rights to any of your photos or videos. You can still set up the frame and manage it via the app. However, the app will not be able upload photos or videos from the device’s camera library.When you first use the Aura app, you’ll be asked to choose from one of these options:
    • i) Allow access to all photosTo view or choose from any photos or albums on your device, you must use the Aura App’s “Add Photos” option.Because Aura and any other invited frame members cannot see your photo library, it will remain private.iii) Allow access to select photos (iOS 13+ only).The iOS app must be able to see the photos or videos you have in your device library.You should note that Aura will not display any new photos or videos unless you manually choose them. This setting might stop the auto-add album syncing feature working.iii) Don’t permit accessThe Aura app won’t be able see or upload photos or videos from your device libraries. To upload photos or videos to your frame, you must use “Other Options”. This includes:
    1. Upload your photos/videos via the Google Photos integrationUsing your smart device’s Share Sheet functionalityUse the email-toframe feature to send picturesAura’s web uploader
    • If the Aura app photo access is granted but the error message appears, it could be that you are using a work device with restricted configuration rights, or other parental control settings to avoid access. To upload files, please use the “Other Options”.
    3) View Upload StatusPoor internet connections and interference from smart devices can often cause Aura frames to not display photos.
    • This will allow you to clear the situation. If the upload status has not been updated, you can reupload the image.You may need to clear the cache in some cases and force close the application before you can reupload the image.Access your account settings to fix the connectivity issues. Next, upload photos to the Aura frame.
    4) Add one photo at a timeMany users try to add complete albums and get lost when they don’t appear on the frame.
    • Any smart feature can be used to upload a complete album to the Aura frame.Add the photos you want to show on the digital frame one at a time. This will resolve the issue of the Aura frame showing only a few pictures.If the images are in the correct format and uploaded one by one, users can access them.
    5) Reconnect your Frame to Wi-FiThis problem could be caused by Wi-Fi problems with the frame. To fix connectivity problems, you will need to refresh your network connection.
    • Several users may need to reset their router in order to reconnect it with the Aura frame.You will need to have a reliable network connection.
    6) Reset the SystemYou might need a quick reset. You will need to perform a reset procedure and then wipe out all configurations.
    • You can then connect the unit again from scratch. This might help you identify any errors in the system. To complete all configurations, it takes some effort on your part.Despite trying many of these fixes, you may not have many options.Follow a reset procedure and you might be sorted quickly. To correct minor programming issues, you can power cycle your unit before the reset.
    7) Enquire about Server StatusCheck that the server has not gone down. Sometimes, the Aura Frame may not display images due to a server failure. Make sure your server is up.Aura Frame Connected Please Upload PhotosYou might then search for the option to add photos after the Aura Frame is connected. You might then follow these steps.
    • Download the “Aura Frames” app from Google Play, or the Apple App Store to your smart phone.Next, create a free Aura account.Unpack your frame and plug in the adapter. On the frame display, a 4-digit code will be displayed.Open the Aura app, then click on “+NEW FRAME” to create a new frame. This button might not appear if you’re using the Aura app first time. Instead, you will be directed to the next screen.You must choose “It’s my gift.” Next, choose “Someone else”. This will give the frame to you as a gift.The Aura app automatically populates the 4-digit Bluetooth code from the frame’s display. The Bluetooth connection between your frame’s display and your smart phone is necessary only to connect it to your WiFi. Once the frame is connected, it will connect to WiFi only.The list of available WiFi networks will be displayed in your app. Next, select your network and enter your WiFi password. After the frame is connected to your network, you will see a “Connected!” message. Photos are welcome to be added to the “Aura App” message.Last but not least, add a name and invite your family and friends.
    Aura Frame Troubleshooting You can resolve the issues with Aura Frame App using the methods described in this topic.1) Verify the File Format2) Permitting Photo Access3) Checking the Upload Status4) Add one photo at a time5) Reconnecting your Frame to Wi-Fi6) Resetting your system7) Enquiring about server status How to Fix a Aura Frame That Doesn’t Show Pictures? There are many reasons why the Aura Frame does not show pictures. These are some possible reasons why the Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures issue might have happened.
    • Incorrect File FormatPhoto access is not permitted without permissionUpload StatusFrame not connected to Wi FiMultiple photos can be added at once
    These are the methods that can be used to fix the Aura Frame Not Showing Pictures problem.
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