Anytech365 Scam | Is Anytech365 Legit?

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The United States also want to know if Anythingtech365 is legit or a scam.

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Is Anytech365 Legit?

Many people claim Anytech 365 fraud. Some customers claim Anytech 365 uses deceptive sales practices to get them. This information will allow you to verify the legitimacy and authenticity of the website.

  • Anytech365 Creation: 26 February 2014, 10:38.14
  • Anytech365 Expiry 26 February 2023 10:38.14
  • Anytech365 Age: 8 Year 6 Months 18 Days
  • Trust Index: achieved a trust rating of 1%

About anytech365

Any tech 365 is an European IT company that provides IT support services and IT security. They offer technical support for users who have issues with their PCs, smartphones, and laptops. Their support team includes a group of highly skilled technicians who are available throughout the year to assist users.

They are committed to providing a high-quality user experience and excellent IT security technology. Their technical support assists customers in storing their files securely.

Anytech365 Scam Details

Anytech 365 looks like a reputable business. But some people claim that the website provides misleading information to users with little experience. In the advertisement, users are given a message that informs them to use a suspicious PC repair program. Multiple times the name “Restore”, was seen. Users are urged to contact Anytech 365 after using this software. The team of tech then approaches users and tells them to subscribe to an expensive, long-term subscription. Because it is directly related to Anytech365’s service, some victims believed it to be a Anytech365 Scam.

Many people have revealed that they fell for the Anytech 365 scam. They were also offered to purchase their services indirectly. Anytech 365 claims that the support team and other members of their team are legitimate. They were not willing to trust the website again after they suspected their intimations.


Website has low trust score, so inexperienced users should be cautious about using this site’s services. Otherwise, victims could fall prey to the Anyonetech365 Scam. Visit the link for more information

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